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What Food Should You Store?

The short answer is to store what you will need and what you will use. If you store food that nobody in your family will eat, then that can cause problems. There is no reason to introduce diarrhea into an already existing emergency situation.

For those who are not so experienced at storing food, we have created the Fast Track Food Storage Plan. In it, we suggest simple, easy to store foods and food supplies that can help you get started right away and gradually build up your storage. To learn more about the Fast Track Food Storage Plan, click here.

Below are some guidelines that can help you customize your Food Storage to meet your needs.

  • Rotate - We recommend that no matter what you store, that you use from it often. The best way to do this is to rotate through your items. Try to store the food that you acquire in with dates of purchase or expiraton dates so similar products can be arranged in the desired order of use.
  • Share - It may be a good idea to store certain basic foods that are easy to store and high in food value, even if they require certain equipment that you may not have. For example, if you store wheat but you have no way to grind it, your neighbor just might have a grinder and no wheat. Get together!
  • Change as Requried - Remember to change your Food Storage when your needs change. For example, becoming pregnant changes the list of things you need to store in your Food Storage.
  • Keep It Simple - Don't try to build a huge Food Supply overnight. Instead, start with a plan to store enough food to last your family for one week. Click here to learn more about Food Planning.
  • Try Your Food - Once you have figured things out for one week, buy the food you need and store it. Then, try it. That means to live off what you have stored for one week. Cook each meal as if you had no power. Take notes of what should change. Make those changes. If you do this, you should have a good idea of what to store in your Food Supply.  

Checkmark for Advanced MaterialClick here to see a Food Storage List of sample food goods that you may want to store.

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