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Water - Storage

There are basically only two ways in which water can be stored, by using either  natural or manmade methods. You might be aware of all of the water that you may already have around you.

Natural Water Storage

There are many ways in which Mother Nature can store water for you. However, you must be aware of them and there are special considerations for each type of natural storage.

Bayou - A bayou is a slow moving stream. They are usually found in the southern US. They are rich in nutrients and as a result, there is an abundance of wildlife in and around most bayous. If you have one near you, you may already be aware of their advantages and their dangers.

Bayous supply an almost endless supply of water, year-round. The wildlife near or in a bayou can serve as a food supply if you can harvest them (without getting harvested yourself).

As with any body of water, there are dangers of drowning. Some bayous may be fed by pollutants from industry or people. If you plan to drink water from a bayou, be sure to purify it.

Canal - A canal is a man made small river. It can have hidden, very strong currents so the drowning danger can be substantial. The water in a canal is not ready to drink. Be sure to purify it before drinking it.

Glacier - A glacier is a huge chunk of frozen water. If you live near one, and it is not otherwise protected, you could harvest water from it by chipping off ice blocks and then warming them until they become liquid. Be sure to purify any water that you get from a glacier.

Iceberg - For the purposes of this discussion, consider an iceberg as a floating chunk from a glacier. See "Glacier" for more info.

Lake - Lakes come in two varieties, natural and man-made. We will consider both kinds here as the storage usefulness is the same. Water from a lake may contain pollutants from motorized sports craft. Most lakes are fresh water lakes but there are some salt water lakes. Do not use water from a salt water lake to water plants. Be sure to purify any water you get from a lake before you drink it.

Ocean - The oceans contain salt water. There are expensive procedures to turn salt water into clean water. The cruise ship industry and the military navies of the world have used these for years. Most people cannot afford to own this kind of equipment. However, there are ways to purify it. Use caution in and around oceans because of currents, tides and dangerous animals and seaweed.

Pond - Ponds come in all sizes. Some people have a pond as part of their landscape for aesthetic purposes. Farmers have ponds to supply water to their livestock and crops. A pond can be an excellent way to store water. Be sure to purify pond water before drinking it. Be sure to practice smart water safety around ponds.

River - A river is a great resource to supply water, food and energy. Most rivers in the world are polluted, some severely. Be sure to purify any water you get from a river before you drink it. A river can be dangerous because it can have obvious or hidden currents.

Snow - Mother Nature uses snow as a natural way to store water. Many mountain communities rely on a slow snow melt to allow mountain streams to provide water all summer for their needs.

Spring - A spring is an underground stream. It can look like it is safe to drink, but don't count on it. Purify any water from a spring before you drink it.

Stream - What is more exciting than a mountain stream bubbling down the mountain. They not only contain a good source of water, but often a good supply of food. Purify any water from a stream before you drink it.

Waterfall - A waterfall can be diverted to fill a pond and thus provide water for you. They can also be used to produce energy, but that would take special equipment.


Manmade Water Storage

There are many ways in which people have created the means to store water. Some of these are obvious and others are not. Since these all overlap with another page, Click here to go to the Water Equipment Page.


For more info on how to purify any of the water sources on this page, click on the Water - Purification link.







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