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Transportation is an important part of life and it can be just as important during an emergency. Below are some things to consider in your Transportation preparation efforts.

Equipment - Consider all of the transportation equipment that you may have or would like to have at your disposal during an emergency. For each one on your list, prepare for its use and maintenance.

  • Air Compressor - Click here to learn more about Air Compressors.
  • ATV - If you have a snow removal blade and/or tire chains, keep them available.
  • Automobile - Keep them in good shape and well stocked with a good Auto Emergency Kit.
  • Bicycle - Keep it ready to use.
  • Boat - Many kinds of Boats can be used in an evacuation or a rescue such as
    • Canoe
    • Fishing Boat
    • Kayak
    • Raft
    • Row Boat
    • Ski Boat 
  • Cane or Walking Stick - These come in handy if you need to hike anywhere, even if you would not normally use one.
  • Car Jack - Flat tires happen during emergencies too. Besides that, they can be used to help rescue someone who may be trapped.
  • Car Jumper Cables - This is a good idea to store for your car or to help others.
  • Car Ramps - These allow you to work on your vehicle.
  • Chain - This can have many uses such as to tow another vehicle or to pull something out of a ditch.
  • Crutches - You may not need them today, but, perhaps an emergency will produce the need for them.
  • Fuel Cans - Use approved containers and keep them full. Rotate the fuel.
  • GPS - This navigation system may or may not work during or after an emergency, but if it does, use it. Be sure to have access to all the cables it needs.
  • Horse Trailer - This can be used to haul more than just horses. It could even be used to contain your trash.
  • Ice Scraper - If the weather is cold and wet, these are a must.
  • Kennel - If you have small animals, this can not only protect them, it can protect other animals and people as well. Be sure you have a vehicle that can haul them.
  • Motorcycle - This can work well to help one or two people escape. Keep it ready.
  • Snow Blower - If you have one, keep it ready during snow season.
  • Spare Tire - Have at least one for each vehicle.
  • Tools - Make sure you can fix what might break. At least have a basic set of tools that you can transport.
  • Tractor - If you have one, keep it ready to go.
  • Trailer Hitch - If you have one on your vehicle, make sure to test the wires for the lights.
  • Utility Trailer - There are covered and uncovered trailers that can be of great use during an emergency.
  • Wagon - Yep, the kids' good old red wagon could come in handy including everything from the garden to evacuation. 
  • Wheelbarrow - This is a basic form of transportation that can have many uses. If it has pnuematic tires, keep them inflated.

Protection - There are some forms of protection that need to be considered as you prepare your Transportation needs.

  • Combinations - Make sure you have combinations for any pieces of Equipment shown above that need them.
  • Keys - Make sure you have keys for any pieces of Equipment shown above that need them.
  • Insurance Policies - Make sure you have adequate auto insurance for each vehicle and that you, and your loved ones know where they are kept.

Records - Just like normal times, there will be certain records and paperwork associated with Transportation that will need to be present during an emergency. Consider the following:

  • Passport - Scan in a copy of each person's passport and keep them in one of your kits. However, these will not work at the border, so be sure you know where the originals are kept. As of the summer of 2009, passports for everyone, even children, are required to cross the US borders with Canada and Mexico.
  • Driver's Licenses - Scan in a copy of each driver's license and keep them in one of your kits. But you will need originals for any identification purposes that arise.
  • Auto Insurance - Keep policy numbers readily available.
  • Auto Registration - Keeping these with the vehicle (as required by law) is the best idea, then you won't be without them.
  • Auto Title - Make sure you know where your auto titles are kept. If you don't have a waterproof, fireproof safe, consider getting a safe deposit box.
  • Auto Maintenance Records - Keep these current and available.

Safety - During an emergency, you may not have time to perform safety checks or make repairs before you will need to evacuate. So, during normal times, keep things current such as tires, brakes, fluids and more. If you have a trailer, make sure its lighting system works when connected to your vehicle. This may be extra important if you are required to evacuate during a fire that has reduced the visibility on the roadways. If they don't work, at least tie some glowsticks on the trailer.

Travel - During an emergency Travel can have a lot of obstacles. To reduce the effects of these obstacles, consider the following:




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