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Testing Black Berkey Purification Elements

It is a good idea to test your elements before putting them away in storage to only be used if an emergency arises. Then, if they fail the test, they can be exchanged while they are still under warranty. But more importantly, you will not have false hopes that they will work during your emergency and thus be left without clean water.

To perform the test, do the following:

  • Put 1 gallon of water in the upper bucket
  • Add 1 Tbsp. of red food coloring to the top bucket.
  • If the water that filters down is clear or pink, the filter is working.
  • If the water that filters down is red, the filter has a flaw and needs to be replaced.

In either case, if you plan to store the filters, do the following:

  • Lay them on a towel for at least 3 weeks.
  • Rotate them daily.
  • Store the Black Berkey Purification Elements and any other parts in the original box they came in.
  • Put the box inside your dry buckets along with your spigot and store them safely away for an emergency.
  • Plug the holes in your buckets with something to keep critters out.
  • Sleep at night, knowing you are Prepared For Later, concerning water at least.


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