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Technology plays a big part in our everyday lives. It may not all be available to us during an emergency but there are some things that might. Overall, it is good to plan on not having anything that relies on batteries or some service during an emergency. But if they happen to work, you should be glad to use them.

There are ideas that fall in the Technology category that we can use now, as we Prepare For Later.

Consider the following:

Baby Monitor - These come in various styles. There are two parts, one part is placed in the room of a sleeping child and the other is placed up to hundreds of feet away where someone can monitor for noise from the child. Some are audio only and some also have displays and infrared cameras that can see under dark conditions. Some run on batteries, some need house current.

These could be useful to monitor a baby, the elderly or a patient during an emergency situation. But the infrared camera could also have some value to see in the night time.

To see some Baby Monitor Solutions, click the following links:


Camera - Believe it or not, there could be valuable uses of a Camera (both video and still) during an emergency. There are even throw away cameras that work under water.

One example would be to be able to look closer at something. Many digital cameras today have good zooming features that can do just that. If a camera is properly charged, it can last for days without the need of electricity. There are some solar solutions that can recharge a camera.

Besides that, a Camera can fill some historic and entertainment uses during an emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Detector - Click here to learn more about CO Detectors.

Charger - There are several kinds of charging solutions. Some may take certain fuels that you would need to store. However, if the sun shines where you live, you might be interested in a Solar Charger. These can charge some small like PDAs, cameras, cell phones, personal music systems, most batteries and even car batteries and more.

Remember to not leave a Solar Charger exposed to the sun too long. Read your manual.

To see a Solar Charger look at this link:

Clock/Watch - There are many uses for a timepiece during an emergency. In First Aid, you may need to take a pulse or time CPR procedures. In an Evacuation, you may need to meet someone. In Transportation, you may need to calculate arrival time. In a rescue operation, you may need  to leave a note containing the time of day you were there.

Many timepieces are either battery powered or wind-up. Even if yours is battery powered, it is not likely to run down the battery during your emergency.

Computer Data Loss - For more on Computer Data Loss, click here.

Digital Photography - For more info on Digital Photography, click here.

Entertainment - Just be aware that today's "wireless kids" just might not be connected to anything like they are used to. It would be a good idea to collect some "low tech" toys to entertain them when the power is down.

Global Positioning System (GPS)/Maps - The method you use to navigate during your emergency might be different from what you normally use. The GPS system of satellites just might not be working. If they do, your GPS device will need a power source. 

To be sure, consider having some road maps available to lead you away from an emergency. Learn how to read them ahead of time.

Information - This comes in all formats and for all reasons. Consider what Information would be needed during an emergency and make sure that you have a way to get to that Information during an emergency that might include loss of all electronics.

Passwords/PINS/Combinations - In the high tech world of today, most people have more Passwords, PINS and Combinations than they care to. Keeping track of them during normal times is hard enough. If an emergency arises, it may be even more difficult.

So, develop a coded system where you can record them somewhere that can be available to you during an emergency. Especially keep track of anything that would be needed to open a door or gate during an emergency. It would be sad if you could not let your animals loose to escape a wildfire just because you did not have access to the Combination for the lock on their gate.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) - More so every day, people are becoming dependent on their PDAs. They could have major withdrawals if they suddenly did not work. Plan now for that day and have hard copy backups of vital information that might be needed during an emergency.

Also, plan to backup your PDAs data often in case your only "emergency" is that it fails to start someday. With a new PDA and backup data, you can be back online in no time.

Phone - In today's world there are several kinds of phones. There are land lines, cordless, wireless and Internet phones. Make sure that you know how yours work and have backup communication plans should your primary means of using a phone fail.

Your land line can sometimes operate if you lose electricity to your home because those lines carry their own power. Your Internet based phones will not work if either your computer or the Internet is not working.

Your cell phone depends on a cell tower being functional so if something happens to the tower, your cell phone may not work. Also, some cell phone companies have a free service where they will automatically backup your cell phone contacts data periodically. This could be of value to you if you ever lose or damage your phone.

Photo Scanning Equipment - Click here to learn more about Photo Scanning Equipment.

Protection - Many homes rely on technology for Protection. This can include anything from an electronic key system to a full blown security system. Make sure you know what you would do if these were no longer available because of an emergency. For example, if you lose power, your garage door opener will not work. Do you know how to open it manually? Usually, there is a cord hanging down connected to the door opener. If you pull the cord, it will disconnect the door from the opener. Then the door can be opened manually.

Radio Receiver - During an emergency, the Radio Receiver is the primary means the authorities will use to communicate lifesaving information to the public. This is because it is reliable and can reach the most people. Make sure you have a good radio that can operate if your electricity is not working. There are battery operated radio receivers that work well. Make sure to have the correct kind of batteries and if possible, a way to recharge them (See Charger above). There are Solar powered radios that rely on the sun to get their energy. There are hand crank radios that can run for a couple of minutes after a few cranks on the handle. Regardless of the type of radio you use, be sure to use it sparingly. If possible, have a pencil and paper ready when it is on in case they give you information that concerns something you need to know.

Surge Protector - This is a set of electrical sockets (sometimes called strip socket) that is commonly used to plug in several computer devices to protect them from power surges. A Surge Protector will trip a circuit before it allows the computer devices to be damaged.

Note: Not all strip sockets have the Surge Protector feature, so be sure to look for it. Be careful when you purchase one to get one that does not allow one plug to block off one or more extra sockets as it plugs in. This means that they would have the prongs to the plug be parallel to the long sides of the Strip Socket

To see some Surge Protectors, click on this link:

Two Way Radio - This includes Ham and Short Wave radios. You need to have specialized training and a license to even use this kind of radio. However, many emergencies have relied upon this form of communications with those affected by those who were trying to rescue them. If you are in an emergency, there may be someone nearby who can communicate over a Two Way Radio. Identify these neighbors ahead of time. It might be nice if you did not complain about their huge antenna, it may save your life someday.

Walkie-Talkies - These allow two people to communicate over distances of from one to a few miles. They are inexpensive, but effective. Be sure to predetermine which channel you will be using before an emergency.

Weather Station - Click here to learn more about Weather Stations


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