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Storage Cans and Tubs

Food That Can Be Stored in Storage Cans and Tubs

The above are examples of food that can be stored in Storage Cans and Tubs. The idea is to put food in Storage Cans and Tubs that would otherwise be vulnerable to critters. So, any paper, cardboard, cellophane or soft packaging would be better protected if stored in Storage Cans and Tubs.

There are many kinds of cans and tubs that can be very helpful in storing food. The goal of this kind of storage is secondary in nature. That means that the food placed in these containers has already been packaged in some other form.

Consider the following types of Cans and Tubs for use in storing food:

  • Storage Can - This is a nice way to say New Garbage Can. These can be galvanized steel or rubber. They can be 20 or 30 gallon sizes. If there is a need to move them in order to access them, you might consider putting casters on the bottom. This can be done by either bolting them to the base of the can or by placing the can on a platform that already has casters on it. It is important that the lid fit on snuggly after the can has been filled.

Sometimes critters can hitchhike into your storage cans. To make sure that they don't live there, you want to remove the oxygen from the can. The easiest way to do this is to put 1/2 pound of dry ice in the bottom of the can. As the dry ice "melts" it will turn into carbon dioxide, which is heavier than oxygen and thus it will force all of the oxygen out of the can. Repeat once a year.

Food That is in Storage Can

Food Storage Can  Wheel Attached to Food Storage Can


  • Tub - This is made of rubber or plastic and it comes in various sizes and shapes. One popular size is such that it can be slid under a bed and easily stored, out of the way, but easily accessible. There should be a lid that fits snuggly to thwart off any illegal access attempts by many kinds of critters. However, this lid is not sealed as with other storage methods. There is even a tub that has a set of wheels attached that can be used to slide the loaded tub more easily.

Food Stored in Storage Tub



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