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Snuggle Bags

Open Snuggle Bag


Smaller sleeping bag liners can be used for children and they make an excellent resource for emergency warmth. We call these Snuggle Bags. 



  • Most fleece fabrics are 60”-72” wide. That becomes the length.
  • Get 2 yards per bag and fold over so it is 36” wide when folded over or get 3 yards for a larger person so the bag can have the width of 54” folded over.
  • Buy a 26”-32” zipper and sew it into the upper side seam so the individual can crawl into the bag then zip it up.
  • Double sew along the bottom, sewing in two 12” pieces of ½” elastic for the purpose of holding the liner in a nice roll while stored.
  • Sew up from the bottom along the side seam and sew up leaving the upper seam open for the zipper to be put in.
  • Measure down from the top the length of the zipper, to see how far up from the bottom to sew. The zipper does not need to come all the way to the top but 6”-8” can be left open at the very top of the side seam.
  • Leave the very top totally open with maybe only a rolled hem around the top to finish it up.  

Rolled Up Snuggle Bags

The following story and instructions have been provided by Joyce Clifton.

We took an early spring vacation to Zion National Park and arranged to stay in a couple of traditional Native American Teepees to have an authentic Southwest experience. The temperatures had dropped to 27˚ F. with snow in the forecast but we were determined to follow through with a once in a lifetime experience of sleeping in a teepee made by the same people who had constructed the teepees used in the movie, “Dancing With Wolves”.

The countryside was beautiful, but cold. We checked into the little lodge and we were given our ‘gear’ and then we were pointed in the direction of teepees #8 and #9. We were given a bed roll or sleeping bag, a pillow, a flash light and a few other things to make our teepee experience complete.


In setting up, I shuttered with the thought of crawling into a sleeping bag that others had slept in. They did not seem washable. Then as we prepared all that they gave us, we unrolled a red, fleece fabric, zippered bag about the length and width of the sleeping bag and realized it was the washable liner that protected the bag, or protected me from the bag, I wasn’t sure which.


I was finally agreeable to the setup. After playing some games late into the night with our flashlights and coats and blankets about our shoulders, we changed into our PJs and crawled into our zippered Sleeping Bag Liners, which slipped into the sleeping bags and slept most comfortably. The Liners offered the extra insulation that gave us a most comfortable sleep in sub freezing weather.


Our grandchildren, who live in Massachusetts, had an electrical outage caused by an ice storm. The temperatures inside the house turned below freezing but they resorted to their fleece ‘snuggle bags’ I had made them for Christmas. They spent most the day wrapped up and zippered into the ‘snuggle bags’ I had sent them. They are washable and very warm in varying sizes. They can be made to the height of a man or fitted to the size of a child.



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