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Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors can save lives and property from destruction from the effects of fire. Most building codes now require smoke detectors in new construction projects. It is a good idea to have a smoke detector in or near every major room in the house, especially those rooms that have heat, fuel or chemicals as part of their function. 

Smoke detectors are quite simple, when they detect smoke, they sound an alarm. Now if your cooking skills are lacking somewhat, you may already know all about what they sound like but the annoyance of them going off more often than is necessary is still preferred instead of the contrary.

For preparedness reasons, it is a good idea to have a smoke detector that not only runs on household current, but one that has a battery. The best ones have a battery that recharges itself when power is on. If power is lost, it switches to battery power.

If you have an RV, an enclosed boat or a cabin, make sure they have them too. Make sure their batteries are charged. Keep spare batteries of the correct size for your smoke detectors. Compared to the unmeasurable cost of the loss of a life, the cost of one or more smoke detectors in your home is worth it.

Most smoke detectors will emit a loud shrill of a sound if they detect smoke or heat. Some may even produce or blink a light. Be sure that the kind that you get can be sensed by those in your home. For example, if someone in your home is hearing impaired, be sure to get one that emits a bright light, or can in some other way alert people.

If you have pets that are capable, teach them things they can do in the event the detector goes off. It just might save your life!

Below are some links to Smoke Detectors.

Hardwired Detectors

Smoke Detector Only

If you plan to hardwire your Smoke Detector, try this link:

Combined Smoke Alarm and CO Detector

If you plan to hardwire your Combined Smoke Alarm and CO Detector, try this link:

Battery Operated Detectors

Smoke Detector Only

If you need a battery operated Smoke Detector, try these links:


 Combined Smoke Alarm and CO Detector

If you need a battery operated Combined Smoke Alarm and CO Detector, try these links:



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