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In today's world we are seldom really alone because aircraft fly overhead just about everywhere. Pilots are trained to notice calls for help when they see them. You can easling reach them by Signaling with a mirror.

If your mirror does not have the Morse Code  on the back, be sure to store a copy of them with your Signaling Mirror.

The minimum code you should know is S.O.S. This stands for Save Our Souls and it is recognized internationally as a request for help. The code for S.O.S. is as follows:

•••  ---  •••


••• represents three short flashes of the mirror


--- represents three long flashes.

If it is dark, a light can be used to signal the same code. A whistle or other sound device can be used at anytime. If you are skilled enough, you can even signal with flags.

To see some Signaling Mirrors, try these links:




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