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Shelter - Equipment

There are many items to consider in providing shelter during an emergency. Consider the following as they relate to Shelter Equipment:

  • Alcohol  (Denatured) - This is a fuel and can be used to produce heat. Click here to learn more about Energy.
  • Automobile  - This is a form of shelter because not only can it transport you somewhere, it can shield you from the elements, whether you are moving or not. If you ever get trapped with a disabled car, unless there is an eminent danger by so doing, you should remain in your vehicle. An auto can shield you from heat, cold, moisture, bad air and dangerous animals (or people). It can be spotted easily by searchers from the air or the ground and it has many resources that can assist you in your survival efforts. For example it has signaling mirrors, fuel that can be burned, a horn that can signal help (S.O.S.), comfortable seats/beds and it can provide shade. If the engine still works, it can provide heat.
  • Blanket  - Click here to see Sleeping.
  • Body/Hand Warmer - This is a bag that contains some chemicals that, when mixed together, will produce heat. It can be placed next to the body to warm a person.
  • Buddy Burner- This is a homemade burner that can be used to keep someone warm or to cook with. Click here to learn more about Buddy Burners.
  • Candle - This has many useful purposes during an emergency. It can warm the air, produce light, you can cook with it and it even provides companionship. Click here for more on candles.
    Charcoal - This can be used to cook with outside. It is listed in this Shelter section because we wanted to emphasize that charcoal, for the most part, cannot be used to heat your environment because it needs to be used outside and never indoors, not even in a tent.
  • Dehumidifier - These can be used to make your breathing environment more comfortable. Click here for more on Dehumidifiers.
  • Duffle BagClick here to learn more about Duffle Bags.
  • Fan - Click here to learn more about Fans.
  • Fire Pit - Click here to learn more about Fire Pits.
  • Fireplace - A fireplace is usually found indoors. It can be used for heat, light, cooking and companionship. There are several kinds of fuels that can be used in a fireplace.

Depending on your fireplace, you may be able to burn some of the following fuels:

  • Coal
  • Kerosene
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Wood
  • Fire Starter - Click here to learn more about Fire Starters.
  • Heater - Air
  • Hobo Stove- This is a homemade stove that can be used to keep someone warm or to cook with. Click here to learn more about Hobo Stoves.
  • Humidifier - Click here to learn more about Humidifiers.
  • Keys & Combinations - It is an important part of Shelter to be able to access all buildings and vehicles that could assist you in survivinig the emergency.
  • Lighter - We do not recommend storing a lighter in your supply. But if you have one during an emergency, don't hesitate to use it.
  • Matches - Be sure to have plenty of Matches because you just might need to light a lot of fires for warmth, light and cooking. Remember that  any fire you try to light just might not light on the first match. Make sure they are stored in a waterproof container.
  • Mattress - Wherever you sleep during your emergency, the better the mattress you use, the more rested you will arise, ready for the next day's challenges. Prepare now to have good Mattresses for all in your family.
  • Misting Air Cooler - Click here to learn more about Misting Air Coolers.
  • Oven/Stove - Even though an oven or stove is thought of as a cooking device, whether or not you want it to, it will increase the tempeature in the house. In the winter, this is OK, in the summer it is not. You should choose your time to cook with an oven or stove so that you maximize the warmth it produces for your house. Consider an outdoor oven/range to reduce unwanted heat inside the house during warm weather.

Outdoor Oven-Range

  • Thermometer - During an emergcency, you just might not be able to obtain good, local weather conditions. An outdoor Thermometer can help. The best kind to get is the kind that will measure the high and low temperatures. If you have one that depends on batteries, make sure you store (and keep updated) the correct sizes.
  • Towel - There are several kinds of towels that can be useful such as those used for hands, dishes, beach, bathing and for babies.
  • Umbrella - This form of shelter is portable. Most Umbrellas are fragile so make sure to take good care of yours so it will be there when you need it.
  • Weather Station - Click here to learn more about Weather Stations.


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