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Shelter - Clothing

Clothing becomes very important during an emergency if you need to leave the comfortable environment of your own home, or if the comfortable environment of your own home suddenly is not quite so comfortable.

One important concept to know is that you should always plan to dress in layers. By so doing, you will have options to add or remove clothing layers as needed. Remember, the outer layer will need to have some water resistance capabilities.

Consider the following ideas on Clothing as it pertains to preparedness:

  • Bathing Suit - This is not really for pleasure as much as for safety in case you need to make a water escape or rescue. Also, consider that you may need to bathe in public places, maybe even a lake or the river. 
  • Coats - There are many kinds of coats. Be sure to have something that is water resistant on the outside. Consider the following Coats:
    • Windbreaker - These are nice for an outer layer that provides simple protection from wind and moisture.
    • Heavy coat - This is good in a blizzard and is usually accompanied with a scarf, gloves and a hat or hood.
    • Raincoat - These are long and can tend to get in the way if you need to do any real work. However, the longer they are, the more they keep dry.
  • Diapers - Don't forget the little guys. Also beware that babies grow up overnight and their diaper sizes change along the way, so keep your supply current. 
  • Footwear - Click here for more info on Footwear.
  • Handkerchiefs - If you use these, store them.
  • Hat - Make sure you have seasonal hats to help you remain comfortable outdoors. Consider the following kinds of hats:
    • Baseball
    • Bonnet
    • Cowboy
    • Hood
    • Insect Repellent Hat
    • Sock
    • Straw
    • Wide Brim
  • Mosquito Netting - If you get caught outdoors during mosquito season, this can help, especially if you need to sleep outdoors. Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance, they can be deadly. And the ones that carry West Nile Virus don't come out until after dark. This netting is lightweight, inexpensive and stores well. Get some.

    To see some Mosquito Netting solutions, click these links:


  • Pajamas - You just might be bedding down in a shelter with hundreds of other evacuees. Even if you sleep in a tent in the dead of winter you will do best if you can strip down and climb into some PJs.
  • Pants - Consider the following kinds of pants that may help you during an emergency:
    • Jeans - Try to store some with no holes in them. Make sure they still fit by checking often, especially for growing kids. Don't forget a belt. It has a lot of value in holding equipment like canteens and knives.
    • Sweatpants - These have some value, but in a moist situation, they can become quite heavy and burdensome. However, they are valuable as a layer below the jeans. 
    • Shorts - If you want, store some. However, remember that while exposed to the elements, it is not a picnic and your legs should be fully covered.
  • Robe - See pajamas above.
  • Socks - The main socks to store are cotton/poly blends and wool/poly blends.
  • Shirts - There are T-shirts and button up shirts that could be valuable. Even though it may sound hot, you probably would choose long sleeve over short sleeve. Some thoughts on that:
    • You can always roll the sleeves up or cut them off
    • If you need long sleeves and don't have them, they are hard to add
    • Even in hot (115 degree) weather if you look at the farmers and landscapers working in the heat, they will have long sleeved shirts on. That is because they know that keeping the sun off their bodies, keeps them cooler.
  • Sweatshirts - To facilitate dressing in layers, make sure your sweatshirts are large enough to go over other layers. Big is better. There are several kinds of sweatshirts as follows:
    • Hooded - Today these are in style even in summer. Having an attached hood during an emergency can be a huge advantage. If it has a place for a drawstring, make sure one is present.
    • Zippered - These allow for some air reach the chest if you leave it only partially zipped. However, you run the risk of zipper failure at an inopportune time.
    • Pullover - These are very versatile and can be quite effective.
  • Towels - Make sure you have some towels stored.
  • Underclothes - These are personal, so  we will only mention that you should store some unmentionables.



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