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Scented Solutions

There are several scented solutions that will help to purify the air you breathe.

Fresh Flowers - A simple way to freshen the air in your home is to use freshly cut flowers. This is only useful if there are no pollen allergies in the home.

Live Plants - Another way to add fresh air, Oxygen and moisture to the air in your home is to have live plants. There are many varieties available as well as numerous types of pots in which to plant them.

Spray Can Deodorizer - You can buy your favorite smell in a spray can. =

To see a Spray Can Deodorizer Solution, try this link:

Lit Scented Candle - For centuries, a lit candle has been useful to supply a desirable fragrance that can overcome an undesirable one. The drawback here is the danger of having a lit candle in the home so use care if you use lit candles.

To see a Lit Scented Candle, try this link:

Scented Candle Warmer - To get around the dangers of a lit candle, you can use scented candle warmers. All they need is a heat source to melt the candle and produce your favorite fragrance.

To see a Scented Candle Warmer, try this link:

Scented Plugin- If you have electricity available, you can use scented plugins. These plug into standard receptacles and can be very effective.

To see Scented Plugin Solutions, try these links:

Cologne/After Shave - For centuries, cologne and after shaving lotions have been used to make the air more pleasant. This may be more important than you think if you lose the ability to air condition your home or to take a shower.









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