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Pies: You Can Do It Too!

Trade Secrets of the Pie Lady

By Joyce Clifton

For 15 years, Joyce Clifton and her family have made and sold thousands of pies. She collected and altered recipes until they were of the highest quality and completely homemade, then shared their goodness as she sold and gave the pies away. She was known as the ‘Pie Lady’ as she would take her pies into various craft shows where she would sell hundreds of frozen pies in just a few days. She is now ready to share with others the secrets of her trade so that others can enjoy making the best pies ever, right in their own kitchens. She took the old art of pie making and made an exact method for the modern cook so anyone could enjoy this marvelous skill. It is much more than another recipe book.

The four sections described below will help you learn to make the following kinds of pies, all from scratch:

  • Mile High Apple Pie
  • Peaches in Paradise Pie
  • Praline N’ Apple Pie
  • Truly Homemade Cherry Pie
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Beef Pot Pie
  • Grandma’s Chocolate Cream Pie
  • Fresh Strawberry Pie
  • Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie
  • Meringue Pie Shell
  • Boysenberry Pie
  • And Many More

Learn by watching Joyce: Included is a Pictorial Demonstration, to visually take you from one step to the next with ease as if Joyce, herself, were there offering a personal demonstration. There are more than 100 full color photographs that guide you carefully through each step of making the most tender crusts and flavorful pies. This display is detailed enough for the beginner but it comes from the kitchen of the finest experience so it offers delicious and unique recipes to the seasoned baker. It presents the art of pie making in a whole new way as it saves time but promotes homemade goodness at its finest. You can be proud to serve these pies to family and friends and they will be amazed at your expertise.

Convenient Freeze-Ahead Pie Recipes: Joyce has made and sold thousands of pies and developed the Convenient Freeze-Ahead Recipes. For the first time, the Trade Secrets of the Pie Lady with her methods and ingredients that made her pies so wonderful are now available to you. The preparation for entertaining guests, preparing for family get-togethers or holiday celebrations can be simplified by making your pies weeks in advance. Then the pies are frozen until you are ready to pop them into the oven to enjoy such a special treat. With pies in the freezer you are never left without a gift or an impressive dessert at a moment’s notice. This section also includes whole meal Pot Pies.

Cream, Fresh Fruit & Specialty Pie Recipes: This section includes recipes for the old fashioned cream pies and fresh fruit pies, just like Grandma used to make.

Low Carb and Sugar-Free Pie Recipes: In today’s nutrition conscious world, many are interested in Low Carb or Sugar Free so she has shown you how to make these special pies in this section.

Now, with this unique product, you can learn how to make homemade pies, freeze them until needed and then bake them when desired. You will now have all of these Trade Secrets that have been 15 years in the making.


The book has 127 pages of color photos and delicious recipes that lead you step by step through the process of making wonderful pies. 

The book comes bound in a convenient spiral to make it easy to lay flat or stand up while you create delicious pies.

Now you can buy

Pies: You Can Do It Too!

for only $19.95 with FREE S/H 

“I had never made a pie in my life. However, I read the Pictorial Demonstration once and then made enough pie dough for 12 pies and then proceeded to make a ‘Mile High Apple Pie’ that was scrumptious. Boy, was my family impressed!”

Chuck Clifton, Author’s Husband


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