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Photo Scanning Equipment

If you scan in all of your old pictures, slides, negatives and documents you can safely store copies of them away from your home. This will increase the chance that at least one copy of everything will survive an emergency.

In fact, you could start a Local Scanning Business and make money by scanning in pictures, slides and negatives for your neighbors.

Below are some ideas of things you may need to undertake the task of scanning in keepsakes.

Advertising Card Stock - These are post cards that are on a card stock that will fit your printer. You can design your own cards that advertise your business, then post them or mail them as desired.

To see some Advertising Card Stock solutions, click these links:


Blank CDs/DVDs - If you plan to scan photos for others, you will need a supply of CDs or DVDs to deliver your product on. Don't forget the jewel cases.

To see some Blank CD/DVD solutions, click these links:


Business Card Stock - Make your own business cards and save money. Design them on your computer and then print them on Business Card Stock.

To see some Business Card Stock solutions, click these links:


CD/DVD Labels - To add value to the discs that you burn, put nice labels on them that have been printed on your printer.

To see some CD/DVD Label solutions, click these links:


Felt Tip Pens - Use these to write on CDs/DVDs.

To see some Felt Tip Pens, click this link:

Gas Duster - This is nothing more than compressed air in a can that can be discharged through a thin tube. It can be used to blow dust off of pictures, slides and negatives prior to scanning them.

To see some Gas Duster solutions, click these links:


Gloves - To be sure that you do not get oils from your hands and fingers on the scanner glass or the objects you are scanning, you might consider obtaining some gloves that are made for this purpose.

To see some links to Gloves that would work well for scanning, click these links:


Lens Cleaning Cloth - It is nice to have a special cloth to wipe photos off before scanning them. A Lens Cleaning Cloth works well for this purpose.

To see some Lens Cleaning Cloth solutions, click these links:


Scanner - In addition to allowing you to scan your own keepsakes, the correct kind of scanner can be used in a home based Local Scanning Business to scan in your neighbors old photos and make good money in so doing.

To see a Scanner that meets these needs, click on this link:




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