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Pets and Livestock

There are many things to consider in preparing for an emergency. Your pets and livestock should not be forgotten. Some of the things you might consider are as follows:

  • Documents - If you have any special documents that you might need on behalf of your Pets and Livestock, make sure you have copies of them where you will likely have them during an emergency. This includes such things as pet licenses, shot records, pedigree information, veterinarian contact info and more.
  • Feed and Water - Make sure you have a plan for how you will provide sufficient Feed and Water for your animals during an emergency. This would include portable bowls to hold water, food stored and any supplements they use. To see a portable feeding/system, click this link:

Popware for Pets Expandable/Collapsible Pet Feeder

  • Health - If there is such a thing as a Pets and Livestock first aid kit, see about obtaining one. Just like humans, their health issues cannot be ignored.
  • Hygiene - The need for animal hygiene does not disappear during an emergency, it may even increase. You would not want your animals to either spread or receive diseases to others.
  • Protection and Safety - There are two sides to this coin. You want to protect your Pets and Livestock to keep them safe from others and vice versa. In this case "others" would refer to other animals and people.

Besides diseases that people and animals can spread to each other, sometimes certain animals are not nice to each other. There are also times when some people are not as tolerant of animals as you might be. Consider this as you prepare for your Pets and Livestock so that all involved are protected and happy as much as possible.

Also consider how to protect your Pets and Livestock from the conditions of the emergency. For example, if the emergency is a wildfire or a flood, sometimes the best answer is to free the animals and let them fend for themselves as you save your own family. If the emergency is one that provides a significant amount of warning, like a hurricane, the more planning you do ahead of time, the better the chances of survival of your Pets and Livestock.

  • Sanitation - Whoever said, "What goes up, must come down" could have also said, "What goes in, must come out." Your Pets and Livestock will still have the need to eliminate waste. Just like you, they may not have all the comforts of home to do so. For example, your cat may not have a litter box if you are in a shelter, unless you bring one.

As far as Pets and Livestock are concerned, this boils down to what we call Sewage for humans. In other words it is concerned with the proper handling and discarding of anything related to liquids or solids discarded by the animal.

In an emergency, this may be the first thing that really tests your preparedness of your Pets and Livestock.

Consider how you would handle the Sanitation for any Pets or Livestock that may be involved in the various emergencies for which you want to be prepared.

  • Transportation - Almost all Pets and Livestock would require special consideration as far as transporting them somewhere during an emergency. You might not even be using your own vehicles. There may be other Pets and Livestock being transported in the same vehicle. Make sure you can prevent any conflicts among the animals. If you need any special equipment to transport them, make sure it is properly prepared.


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