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Oxygen Machine

If you depend on Oxygen (O2) being supplied to you 24/7, then you already may be aware of machines that will actually produce O2 for you. These machines use electricity and some sophisticated technology to keep O2 flowing to you. These great machines have really improved the quality of life for those whom they serve.

However, you need to be prepared in case your supply of electricity ever fails. Some choices are shown below.

Generator - It is possible to generate enough of your own electricity to power an O2 machine. However you will need a supply of whatever type of fuel is needed by your generator. Be careful because some fuels have their own drawbacks and dangers. For more on Generators, click here.

O2 Bottles - It is a good idea to have on hand a sufficient number of O2 bottles to be used in case of a loss of power or in case evacuation becomes necessary. For more on  O2 bottles, click here.

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