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Oxygen Bottle

 There are at least two common uses for an Oxygen (O2) Bottle: medical and welding.

Medical - O2 bottles come in various sizes. Some are large for use in the home, office or care facility. Others are small and portable. In either case, they need to be filled by professionals. However, if you require an O2 bottle to breathe, you might consider learning how long one will last and then make sure you have an ample supply of them. Even if you do not now have a portable O2 bottle, you might consider getting one just in case you need to evacuate in a hurry. You might even consider securing a set of extra hoses and connectors.

Welding - People who use acetylene to weld usually mix it with O2. This is pure O2 and it needs to be treated with care.

Safety - O2 bottles are dangerous because they are stored under a lot of pressure. This means that if they were to be punctured or their valves were damaged, massive amounts of pressurized O2 could rapidly escape. This can cause the tank to become a projectile that could be extremely dangerous.

Be sure to learn and honor all of the smoking and fire restrictions that relate to O2 bottles. O2 itself is not flammable, but it serves as an accelerant to an existing fire. In other words, it really fans a fire.


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