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Navigating the Food Section

The subject of Food is so vast that we have broken it into two categories as follows:

  • Basic - Most people in the world do not make a conscious effort to store food. To help people in that category learn how to get started, the entire Food section will be presented at a Basic level. Just simple basic ideas will be presented. 
  •  Advanced - There are people who would like to learn and do more than what the Basic level teaches. In those places where we have more ideas and information for the Advanced level, we will have a Checkmark for Advanced Material  that is next to a phrase. If there is a link to another page following the Checkmark for Advanced Material , you can click on the link to display a page with that Advanced information. This link to Advanced material can appear on any page. Pages that contain only Advanced material will also have the Checkmark for Advanced Material in front of the page title. Sometimes there will only be a paragraph or section that contains Advanced material. These will have a Checkmark for Advanced Material at the beginning of that material.

For example, the information on using a Dutch Oven is considered Advanced. So to get to that information, the following would be displayed for you to click to get to that page (try it):

Checkmark for Advanced Material Dutch Oven Cooking 

In other words, if you only want to study the Basic material, just ignore all material with a Checkmark for Advanced Material in front of it. Have fun as you learn all about Food at whichever level you desire. 

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