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Misting Air Cooler

An inexpensive, but effective way to cool the air around you is to use a misting spray of water. As the spray of water hits the warm air, it can cool it. If the air is really hot, usually, people will not mind it if they get a little wet from the spray. There are at least two types of misting air coolers as shown below.

Permanent - These are made using tubes, hoses or pipes permanently mounted. Each contains numerous pinholes through which water may be sprayed.

To see some Permanent Misting Air Cooler Solutions, try these links:


Spray Bottle - This is nothing more than a small plastic bottle that has a sprayer attached. Because it is portable, you can take it anywhere to help you remain comfortable in hot weather. Do not reuse a spray bottle that has had a chemical in it.

To see some Spray Bottle Misting Air Cooler Solutions, try these links:


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