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There are some things that relate to several areas of preparedness that fall under the category of Maintenance. These ideas relate to building or maintaining physical entities. Below are listed some ideas for your consideration as you Prepare For Later.

Equipment - There are many types of equipment that can be useful in maintaining a house, garden, outbuildings, vehicles as well as pets and livestock. Click here for a list of Equipment that can be useful in Maintenance.

Home Maintenance and Construction - There are things that you can do in designing, building and maintaining your home that can help you be better prepared for an emergency. Many of these ideas can help you save money everyday, whether there is an emergency or not. Click here for ideas on Home Maintenance and Construction.

Information - This would include any repair manuals or operating instructions that you have for your vehicles and equipment. If you cannot find that old manual, it just might be on the Internet. Go to the manufacturer's web site and if you can find it you can print a copy.

A good habit is to keep a seperate box to store all of the instructions & warrantee information for everything you own. So as you buy something, you have a place for all those papers that come with it. Just pile them in the box, there is no need to keep it sorted. If you ever need something, the newest papers will be on top and you can search down until you find it.

Supplies - Look at the list of Equipment shown on the web page referenced above and make sure that, for each item on the list that pertains to you, you also stock the various supplies that support that item. For example, if you have an electric sander, it won't work very well without the correct kind of sandpaper, so be sure to stock sandpaper.



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