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Local Scanning Business

Needed: 10,000 Workers!

Work from home! Perfect for high school students, college students and older!
Be your own boss! Minor investment to get started!

Set your own hours!

Recoup all startup costs after just a couple of customers!
Earn $20/hr. or more!

Basic computer skills needed!

In the US there are probably tens of millions of people who want/need to have their photos scanned in for them. Perhaps they would not trust their precious photos to be shipped off to a national scanning service because of the risk of them being lost in route. For this reason, having a local way to get their photos scanned would be most appealing. Also, to scan in slides and negatives takes a special kind of scanner that most people do not have. Most people probably have not viewed their slides in years or decades because it is so difficult to get out a slide projector and show them. Instead, the slides are just stuffed away deteriorating in boxes.

This might suggest that there is a need for a large number of Local Scanning Business across the nation that would provide this service locally. In fact, there are about 43,000 zip codes in the US. If each Local Scanning Business could cover, say, 4 zip codes, there would be demand for more than 10,000 Local Scanning Businesses. The advantage to the customer is that they could deliver and retrieve their photos reasonably close to where they live, work, shop or play. This means their precious keepsakes will not ever be too far from home and they would never need to be trusted to a massive delivery service. It would follow the same paradigm as dry cleaners, barbershops, dental offices and other local businesses - you need them all over town.

With this localized approach, there would be a huge demand for people to start and operate these businesses in their own localities. The actual process of scanning in photos is not that difficult, especially for the high tech youth of today. If trained properly, people from high school age and up could be taught the fine points of such a business and, in the process, earn a handsome income for their efforts. They could work from home, set their own schedules and work at their own paces. Since most of these people would already have access to a computer, the cost to start and maintain a Local Scanning Business would be minimal.

The Local Scanning Business Starter Kit will explain how you can start and operate your own Local Scanning Business. This kit was authored by Chuck Clifton, based on his experiences in running a successful Local Scanning Business. He is a Software Engineer with nearly 4 decades of experience and he has authored several books, including, Digital Photography: Click, Then What?

The Local Scanning Business Starter Kit contains the following:

  • Explanation of the New Market Niche and demand for Local Scanning Businesses across the country.
  • Reasons for people to want to have their photos scanned in.
  • Instructions on how to set up and operate your own Local Scanning Business covering the following topics:
    • Organize your business
    • Obtain equipment and supplies
    • Learn to scan
    • Practice on a friendly customer
    • Establishing pricing
    • Make flyers and business cards
    • Free Advertising of your Local Scanning Business
    • Not for Free Advertising of your Local Scanning Business
    • Fill out the order sheet
    • Work on a job
    • Complete a job
    • Create CDs/DVDs
    • Create an invoice
    • Return photos and CDs/DVDs and collect money
    • Give customer your business card
    • Follow-up
    • Improve and grow the Business
    • Appendix A - Glossary
    • Appendix B - Step by Step Scanning instructions
    • Appendix C - Sample Pricing
    • Appendix D - Ways to Earn Money
    • Appendix E - Sample Flyer and Business Card
    • Appendix F - Sample Order Sheet/Invoice
    • Appendix G - Estimated Startup Costs
  • Includes a copy of Digital Photography: Click, Then What? by Chuck Clifton ($19.95 value). To learn more about this book, click here.

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