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Light has many uses for man and animals. Besides the obvious benefit of aiding in sight, it also can provide security, companionship and even warmth. Consider the Light ideas presented below.

Backup Emergency Lighting - This is accomplished by having a light that is plugged in to a receptacle that charges a battery all the time until the power is lost. Then, using battery power, the light illuminates to provide for safety in the home during a loss of power. On some models, the light can even be unplugged and used as a flashlight.

To see some Backup Emergency Lighting, click these links:


Dynamic Generation - This type of lighting is powered by a battery that is recharged by the turning of a crank. It takes some work to turn the crank but it sure beats not having batteries when you need light. And you don't need to wait for the sun to come up to recharge it either. Just turn the crank and shine the light.

To see some Dynamic Generation Lights, try these links:



Flame - Click here to learn more about Flame Lighting.

Flashlight - Click here to learn more about Flashlights.

Glowsticks - Click here to learn more about Glowsticks.

Lantern - Click here to learn more about Lanterns.

Night Vision - It is possible to actually see when it is dark. This uses a technology known as Night Vision. It is used in security systems, baby monitor cameras and in the military.

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Protection - You only have one set of eyes. Most emergencies take a toll on your body and your eyes are no exception. Consider the following types of Protection for your eyes:

  • Eye drops
  • Hat
  • Night Vision Glasses - These are helpful to protect your eyes from the strain caused while driving against oncoming traffic at night.
  • Sunglasses
  • Visor

Reflective - Reflected light can be helpful, especially during an emergency. Consider any of the following for use in your kit:

  • Mirror - A Mirror has value in signalling for help. In First Aid it also has some value in assisting when the caregiver and the victim are one and the same.
  • Periscope - Up Periscope! Well, you are not in the Navy, but this little instrument can be valuable if you ever need to see around a corner without being detected.
  • Plastic Reflector - This is the kind used on bicycles.
  • Tape - Reflective Tape can be quite valuable to help people to see each other in the dark. Reflective Tape is versatile and can be used on many surfaces to help someone or something be seen.

You can use plastic reflectors that are made to go on bicycles. However, you can also purchase reflective tape and make your own. In either case, you can attach your reflectors to something that would allow them to be seen in the dark when a light shines on them. It might be a good idea to put some reflective tape on the outer clothing of small children if you need to hike somewhere in the dark.

To see some Reflective Solutions, try these links: 



Sight Assistance - There are many devices that people use today to assist them with their sight. Several of these have great value during an emergency and if you use any of these, consider how to accommodate these during an emergency. Some of these Sight Assistance devices are as follows:

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Contact Lenses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Microscope
  • Reading Glasses
  • Telescope

Solar - Click here to learn more about Solar Lighting.


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