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Light - Solar

Daylight - This is the most common use of solar energy. Make sure that you take full advantage of all of your available daylight before you try to use any other kind of lighting.

Flashlight - Click here to learn more about Solar Flashlights.

Lantern - Click here to learn more about Solar Lanterns.

Outdoor Lighting - A popular trend today is to purchase Solar Outdoor Lighting and let the sun recharge all of your landscape lights each day. If a day is cloudy, they may not be recharged very much, or at all. However, if you live in a location that gets ample sunshine, you can enjoy Solar Outdoor Lighting without the need for complicated trenches and wiring patterns. Simply place the light where desired and let the sun take over. These lights do not cost much money and they work year-round, as long as there is sunshine.

Solar Outdoor Lights are especially valuable if you need lighting inside your home or car in an emergency. You can bring them inside and they can provide light for you. Now, this will not be a spotlight, but it is possible to read using the light from Outdoor Solar Lighting.

If you plan the decor of your home ahead of time, you can have certain wall hooks or hangers located strategically throughout your home that can hold these lights. Ideally, if you lost power, you would want to place them in a bathroom, in the kitchen and bedrooms and near exits and stairways. Bring them in each evening and put them back outside each morning. This really works.

To see some Outdoor Solar Lighting, try these links:



Sunlight - Of course, if you go outside and use the direct sunlight you have a lot of options of light and heating. Use care in working in the direct sunlight as sunburn is possible. Be sure to have proper eye protection if you are in the sun for extended periods of time.


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