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Glowsticks - There are many sizes, colors and styles of Glowsticks available. Some are made to hook with other Glowsticks and these can form a necklace or bracelet. These can be useful for putting on little kids so you can see them in the dark. Usually kids will want to wear them. These same glowsticks can be inserted into a special plastic holder that allows several glowsticks to be joined together to form a small ball. It is quite entertaining. Others are made like a highway flare in shape and size. You can thread a string through these and hang them around your neck. These can actually produce enough light so you can read something.

Glowsticks are a must for most emergency kits.

Glowsticks will burn for about 8-12 hours and they do not produce any heat. They are activated by bending them until something snaps inside, allowing the chemicals producing the light to mix. Although they are not extremely dangerous (or flammable) you should not let your kids bite them or break them open. If this does happen, your kids clothes just might glow for a while.

Glowsticks are the safest kind of light to be used after an earthquake. Since Glowsticks have a shelf life of only a couple of years, it might be a good idea to get your supply of them out around the 4th of July each year and rotate them. Give the old ones to your kids and grandkids. They make for a fun, safe fireworks celebration.

No grandparent should ever be caught without glowsticks for the grandkids who visit.

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