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Light - Flame

There are several ways to use the light from a flame. Each one has some dangers. Be sure to use a flame in a well ventilated location, away from other combustibles.

Candle - These are inexpensive and easy to store. They are not dangerous until they are lit. They do need to be stored in a cool place. Be sure to have good, sturdy candle holders that do not topple too easily. Make sure to never leave a lit candle when the room is empty. Be sure to have a sufficient quantity of good matches in your supply, especially since you may need to light them more than once per night.

There are special lanterns that are made to enhance the light given off by a candle. These usually have some safety features such as glass and a sturdy base or hanging system.

Even though you may have solar and battery power lights in your storage, it is a good idea to have some candles in case the others run out of their energy sources.

Below are some links to a candle holder and some candles.


There are emergency candles that come in a can, so they store neatly in a car trunk. They last for 120 hours. Besides light, they also can help provide heat inside a car. Every car that travels in the cold country should have at least one.

Below is a link to a 120 Hour Candle.

Fireplace - This is a safe place indoors to light and maintain a fire. Some burn only wood while others may burn natural gas or propane. They do provide heat and it is possible to cook on them. However, you may want to practice cooking on an indoor fireplace before you are forced to just to make sure  you have all of the right equipment for doing so. A fireplace can be a good source of light. If you use wood in your fireplace, be sure you have tools to cut the wood into kindling. Make sure the chimney is clean and that it draws the air upward properly.

Fire pit - An outdoor fire pit is a source of light, but you have to be outside to take advantage of it. Be sure that the fire is restricted so it cannot spread to nearby vegetation or other combustibles.

Match - This is a short term light solution. Be careful not to set something on fire as you try to use a match for light.

Lighter - Whether it be a butane lighter or one fueled by lighter fluid, a lighter can provide some temporary light. However, the longer it is in use, the more the chance of someone or something getting burned so use care.

We do not recommend storing a liquid or gas fueled lighter in your supply because the fuel may leak and cause a fire.

Torch - There are inexpensive garden torches that mount on poles planted in the ground. If you plan to take a torch indoors, check with your instruction manual first to make sure it is safe. It will depend on the type of fuel you use with your torch.



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