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There is a big variety of lanterns available for your use. Check out those mentioned below.

Battery - Battery powered lanterns can be found in the following forms:

  • Plug-in Rechargeable
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Solar - See Solar below
  • Hand Crank Rechargeable

To see some Battery Powered Lanterns, try these links:




Kerosene - This is a flammable liquid that has been used for thousands of years. A form of Kerosene is used as jet fuel. Kerosene Lanterns can be used to produce sufficient light for your needs. Read the instructions to learn how to safely use your Kerosene lantern.

To see some Kerosene Lanterns, try these links:


Liquid Gas - These lanterns have been  around for decades. There are some that use a special white gas that can be purchased at a sporting good store. There are others that use either white gas or unleaded gasoline. They are not to be used inside any enclosed area, such as a building or a tent because they emit a poisonous gas that can be fatal to humans and animals. They are just fine outdoors.

To see some Liquid Gas Lanterns, try these links:


Propane - This is a gas fuel that comes stored in large or small tanks. These can be stored safely in your supply and the same tanks can supply propane heaters and cook stoves as well as a Propane Lantern. Some models require matches to light, while others have electronic ignition. A Propane Lantern can give plenty of light, but it is not safe to use in any enclosed area, including indoors or in a tent.

To see Propane Lanterns, try these links:


SolarA Solar Lantern is nothing more than a Solar Flashlight in the form of a lantern. This is a great invention. It can sit in the sun and recharge while there is sunlight and it can be safely used after dark indoors, in a tent or outdoors. It looks just like the camping lantern that you may be used to. It puts out a nice light and will hang or stand nicely. It has a handle and looks just like a standard camping lantern with one difference, you do not need to add fuel. Also, you can take it inside an enclosed area (e.g. tent) without the dangers that other lanterns have.

You may want to have several of these in your possession.

To see some Solar Lanterns, try these links:





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