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Many kinds of fruits and vegetables can be juiced. This makes them easier to store as well as easier to consume. Consider the following Juicing Foods:

  • Citrus Juice - To juice citrus you need a manual or electric citrus juicer. Just wash the fruit and slice it in half and then put it on the juicer. If it is a manual juicer, you will need to twist while pressing down in order to extract the juice. For an automatic juicer, just press the fruit half into the juicer and it will move the juicing blade to extract the juice. You can drink the juice right away, or freeze it for later. Sometimes orange juice does not taste too good after it has been frozen. However, lemon juice can be frozen into ice cube trays and then, once frozen, it can be placed into zippered plastic bags for future use. When you want that cool lemonade, just get out some lemon cubes, mix with sweetner & water and then stir.
  • Apple Juice - This takes a special machine that can press the apples to seperate the juice from the rest of the apple. Once extracted, the juice can be made into concentrate and frozen or it can be bottled in jars.
  • Grape Juice - This is very simple, if you have the grapes. First rinse the grapes off and then insert them into a steamer juicer. Then let the water in the base boil and the steam will heat the grapes and the juice will drip off into a collector pan. Put the juice straight into jars and put lids and rings on. They will seal themselves with no further processing. When they are cool, rinse and dry the jars, mark them and store them in a cool dark place. Later, open a jar, add water and sweetner and enjoy.



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