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One of the most popular forms of financial protection is called Insurance. If something is of value, it usually can (and should be) insured. If times were tough, often Insurance can help restore your losses in a timely manner.

Remember, Insurance is something that you hope that you never need to use, but would be happy to have if you ever needed to.

Besides Insurance, you need to consider how to protect your identity from being stolen by someone else.

Financial Protection is something that may seem like a waste, especially if you never have the opportunity to file a claim. However, when the day comes that you do need it, you will be glad that you did.

Study the topics shown below to learn about some ideas on Insurance and other forms of financial protection that can help as you "Prepare For Later".

Auto Insurance - Click here to learn more about Auto Insurance

Business Insurance - If you own or run a business, there are a lot of insurances that you will need to have. In addition to normal auto, fire, theft, medical, liability and other obvious insurances, you may also need to have insurance to cover malpractice or errors and omissions that are made by the employees when working on behalf of the business.

One good form of insurance is education. Teach your employees how to do their jobs with less risk. As with all insurances, keep on top of the premiums that your business pays and get new quotes often.

Credit Insurance - This is insurance that will help pay your debts for a variety of reasons, including loss of work, illness or injury. If you have significant debt, consider this coverage. Make sure they cover your kind of debt and be sure that you understand the limits.

Credit Reports - There are people out there who would love to steal your identity. One way to detect this activity is to check your Credit Report often. If you see some discrepancies, notify the appropriate authorities.

To see how to check your Credit Report, click this link:   30-Day Free Trial   Monitor Your FICO Score with Score Watch

See How Lenders See Your FICO Score

Dental Insurance - Dental bills can be rather large, especially if there are braces or dentures in the picture. Compare the costs vs. the pay backs to determine if it is worth it. In other words if you look around the dinner table and see a bunch of crooked toothed kids, get some. However, be sure you understand the annual limits on certain kinds of coverage.

Disability Insurance - This may cover you if become at least temporarily disabled such that you have to miss work. The reason the word "may" is in the prior sentence is that there are some special formulas that coordinate your coverage with Social Security and the both of them together have a limit. Check your policy for more info.

Health Insurance - See Medical Insurance below.

Home Insurance - Click here to learn more about Home Insurance

Identity Protection - There are people out there who would love to assume your identity and then go for a joy ride through life. You may not even know that this is happening. One good protection method is to shred all documents that you are discarding if they contain any kind of identifying info. A shredder is a small investment for a big pay back.

To see some Shredders, click these links:


In addition, you can make sure that you collect all receipts as you purchase something. The modern credit/debit card readers are good because they print receipts that only have part of your account number printed. However, there are still a lot of the old fashioned card imprinters that are used by small businesses at such places as conventions, boutiques and fund raisers. Maybe you ought not to use your card in those circumstances.

Some companies specialize in providing protection for you. To learn more, check out  this link:

#1 In Identity Theft Protection

Life Insurance - Life insurance is important to those left behind. Not only have they lost someone significant in their lives, they should not be additionally burdened with financial concerns. Make sure your insurance covers your debts and beyond.

Medical Insurance - Even though there has been a lot of talk about the government providing certain levels of Medical Insurance for everyone, don't wait for that to happen. Get yours today.

One flaw in the system is that most people have Medical Insurance through their places of employment or where they go to school. Neither of these will prove to be completely permanent. It is sad to see people who cannot switch to better employment just because they might lose their Medical Insurance if they have to start over and answer medical questions that may not have favorable responses.

Quote Compare Apply

Renter's Insurance - If you rent your dwelling place, you might consider Renter's Insurance. This does not usually cost too much and it can really be worth it.

Traveller's Insurance - Some people want to purchase extra life insurance just before they board an aircraft or a ship. This is called Traveler's Insurance. They may not be aware that flying or floating just might be safer than the freeway system they just used to get to the airport or cruise terminal.

Trip Insurance - Trip Insurance can be purchased when you have planned and paid for an extravagant trip, like a cruise. This insurance will pay you some or most of the money you might lose if you have to change your plans and are not able to travel as planned. If your plans are questionable, this may be worthwhile.

Vision Insurance - This insurance covers your eye care. The coverage is usually for eye exams, lenses, corrective procedures and more. If it does nothing more than to get you to go in for an annual examination, get some.

Workman's Compensation - This is insurance that the local government and your employer pay into a policy that will pay you benefits if you get injured on the job. If you get hurt at work, check it out, it came from your salary and your taxes.





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