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There are probably many things around the house that can be used to store air. We call these items, "inflatables" because at some point, they need to be inflated. For some of these it may not be easy to harvest the air that they contain and put it to useful work for you, but then we will leave that part up to you. Our premise is that if you don't have any air stored, you have none. If you have it stored but it may be hard to harvest, you at least have a possibility of using it. Below are some possibilities just to get you thinking. Can you come up with more?

Air Bed - Air beds have been used in camping for decades and many of us have some in our closets. Also, recently, there has been an increase in the number of products that function as "raised airbeds" for use inside the home and these are really quite nice. They consist of an airbed that provides for someone to sleep more than a foot off of the floor. These can be stored away until company arrives. They can be easily inflated and deflated. Make sure you have a pump that works as it would overwhelm most people to manually inflate a queen size raised airbed.

Even if you are not a primitive camper, you might consider obtaining airbeds. They store nicely, are quite portable and are not too expensive. If you ever had to evacuate your home, you could take it with you and be more comfortable than otherwise. Even if you just need to sleep in your backyard (e.g. after an earthquake), an air bed can afford you a comfortable, dry night's sleep. Note that it works best to put a blanket between you and the mattress (not just a sheet) because this will reduce the amount of heat that the air in the mattress will extract from your body.

Air Beds can have some value in a water rescue situation.

To see some Air Bed Solutions, try these links:



Balloons - These come in various types and sizes. There are party types of balloons and, if needed, one could be used as a make-shift pillow. There are "animal" balloons that, once inflated, can be twisted to create various animal forms. They could be used to entertain people, young or old, in times where other forms of high tech entertainment may not be available. Balloons are usually inexpensive and easy to store and transport. Especially, every grandparent should have a supply of them. There is an inexpensive hand pump that makes inflating animal balloons a cinch.

One trick with balloons is that if you restrict the air flow as the air exits the balloon, you get some fun sounds. That alone could keep a child entertained in an otherwise tense situation.

Inflatable Kayak/Raft- Inflatable kayaks and rafts can be useful to store air. They can be useful in the event of a flood to transport people, animals or goods through flooded streets. They can also be useful just to keep things from getting wet if water gets into your home.

Sports Ball - There are numerous types and sizes of sports balls that store air. However, an inflated sports ball can have value in providing a distraction from a disaster that may be at hand. In other words, after the earthquake, you might just want to go shoot hoops. To do so, you need a hoop and an inflated basketball.

Another use of sports balls could be that of creating a floatation device. The next time you go swimming, try putting a couple of fully inflated basketballs inside a sturdy pillow case and see if it helps you stay afloat.

Tire - Tires come in all sizes and are used for many purposes such as auto, trailer, bicycle and tractor. However, a tire filled with air should float and that alone could assist in a water rescue.


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