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Air that is too dry can be uncomfortable to people in a couple of ways. When air is heated in a furnace it dries out and breathing this dry air can cause a dry throat and this might lead to other illnesses. When air is dry, static electricity can be a problem for both people and electrical equipment. Also, when someone is sick, warm or cool humid air can help them feel better. All of these can be solved by use of a humidifier. A humidifier is a device that introduces humidity into the air. There are several ways as shown below.

Aquarium - Believe it or not, this will increase the humidity in the air of your home.

Bathtub/Sink - If you fill these with water, they will add humidity to the air of your home.

Bucket of Water - If all fails and you want to add moisture to a room, place a bucket of water in the room.

Furnace Humidifier - This is a device that attaches to the furnace. It has a sponge on a wheel that dips into a tray of water. Then the heated air passes through the sponge and introduces moisture into the air.

Medical Humidifier - This is a portable device that can be placed in the room of someone who has a breathing illness. It has a small fan that blows air over a small tray of water. There are both warm air and cool air medical humidifiers.

To see some Medical Humidifiers, try these links:


Potted Plant - A properly watered indoor plant can introduce humidity into a closed room. This also will help resupply oxygen as plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

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