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This web site is pretty easy to navigate. However, we will list here some things that can save you time and frustration as you surf for Preparedness ideas for your family.

There are a few different ways to navigate the pages of this web site. To make it easier for you to do so, you can use any of the methods shown below:

  • Ad Links on Right Side - On the right side of every page, will contain photos and links to some high-end products that we think are worthwhile to have in your supply. Click on each link to learn more about those.
  • Ad Links to Other Web Sites - Many pages have links to products that match the items being discussed on that particular page. If you see an item you may be interested in purchasing or learning more about, click the product link. You are not committed to purchase it at this point, so feel free to investigate many items. You will be taken to a Third Party web site (e.g. Amazon or Walgreens) where you may be shown not only that item, but also other similar items, their descriptions and prices. This visit to the Third Party web site will happen in another window so you will not lose your place in this web site.  
  • Navigate - The web site has been organized into what we consider are the major categories of Emergency Preparedness. These are shown as links in the left column of every page. Once you click on a link, a page for that particular subject is displayed and then that topic is further broken down to more levels until you reach the valuable information that you are seeking. Just keep on clicking any link of interest to you to get down to the next level. 
  • Search - There is a search feature that allows you to insert a phrase into the search box and click "Go". Then a list of links will be displayed that will show all the pages in the web site that contain the phrase you entered. There are some warnings about using the Search feature. The terms entered into the Search box will be used "as is" in the form of a phrase. All occurrences of this exact phrase found on the web site will be displayed in the results. For example, if you enter, "auto emergency" you will find all the pages that have the exact phrase "auto emergency" on their pages. If a page has the word "auto" but not the word "emergency", it will not be included in the search results. The search words can be entered in any combination of upper or lower case as the search feature will ignore case as it searches. One "bug" is that if a search result shows an occurrence of the search phrase on a page that is really a set of multiple pages, it will only show it on the first of the set. So, if this happens, click though the "next" links to get to the page that has the search phrase. This is really a bug that has not been fixed yet, so please bear with us.
  • Site Map - We have provided an A-Z Site Map that is an alphabetical listing of the links to the hundreds of pages on this web site. If you see something of interest, just click on its link. Sometimes, this is the fastest way to get to a desired page.
  • Sponsor Links - From time to time, we will show links to some of our sponsors. These have been carefully selected to ensure that their products are applicable to our the of Prepare For Later. Feel free to click on such links to see if you are interested in what they are offering. These links may appear anywhere on the web site. However, this web site does not support any Pop-up ads that can be so annoying.



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