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Health and Safety

The health and safety of your family should always be a priority. It becomes even more so if an emergency arises. This is true because you may be taken out of your normal environment just to escape or you may be placed in a situation that you are not used to.

To help you ensure the Health and Safety of your family remains good, we have provided many ideas on a variety of related topics as shown below.

72 Hour Emergency Kit - If each person in your family had their own 72 Hour Emergency Kit, they could be much safer and more comfortable should an emergency arise. Click here to learn more about 72 Hour Emergency Kits.

Beauty - There is no law that says that people cannot look good during an emergency. After all, you might be on the nightly news because of your emergency. Don't forget to store those things that would help people to look their best.

Critter Control - This involves anything that could bother you during your emergency. Click here to learn more about Critter Control.

Equipment - There are pieces of equipment that can help you endure your emergency better if you know about them and have them. Click here to learn more about Equipment.

Fire Safety - In an emergency situation, you may have increased chance of fires. Click here to learn more about Fire Safety

First Aid - First Aid is the immediate medical treatment given to a victim, quite often by amateurs (non medical personnel). It saves many lives each year. It is good for such amateurs to receive as much training and to be as prepared as possible.

Hygiene - This is always important, but if it becomes much more important during an emergency because you just might be living in cramped quarters, without services you are used to and there may be additional risk of disease from your new environment. Below are some  ideas about Hygiene for you to consider:

Medical - Under normal circumstances, most people have medical needs. Those do not stop when an emergency arises. Consider preparing to provide equivalent medical care under emergency circumstances as you normally do. This means that you need to look at all of the medical care that you now provide for each person in your family and prepare such that you can still provide for their medical needs under emergency situations.

Protection - If your living environment were to suddenly change from the comforts of your home to an outside situation, you would need to be prepared for protection from the elements and other hazards. Click here for more info on Protection

Record Keeping - Since your emergency just might pull you away from your normal medical records, plan ahead.

There are several different kinds of Records that you might consider keeping in a safe place as follows:

  • Medical History for each person in the family
  • Shot Records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Care Instructions for any family member who requires special care
  • Contact info for doctors of each person in the family
  • Prescription info for each person in the family who is on medications
  • Special diet requirements for any who have such

Search and Rescue - If you are in an emergency situation, there is probably an increased chance that you will either be the searcher or the searchee in a Search and Rescue operation. Click here to learn more about Search and Rescue


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