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Health and Safety - Hygiene - Sanitation

Sewage - For our discussions here, we will consider Sewage to be anything related to liquids or solids discarded by the body. This would include baby diapers.

In an emergency, this may be the first thing that really tests your preparedness.

This might be a good reason that you have had that old RV or camping trailer parked along the side of your home. It might just suddenly become the only functioning toilet facility available to you.

If you have no such RV or camping trailer, or you cannot take it with you as you evacuate, there are Portable Toliets that collect into a plastic bag that can be buried. Some collect into a tank that has chemicals like an RV does. Others are designed to be placed over a hole in the ground. Be sure to have a tarp and rope to make a private room for this purpose. This is where it would be nice to have an extra shovel that could be left at the "outhouse" for the duration of the emergency.

To see some Portable Toliet Solutions, try these links:



Trash - Trash can accumulate quickly under emergency conditions. All of a sudden, it all has to be handled properly. Click here to get some ideas on how to deal with Food Disposal.


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