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Health and Safety - Hygiene - Personal

Personal Hygiene is just that, PERSONAL. At the risk of getting too personal here, we will list a lot of items and let you decide on those items that match your hygiene habits.

Many of these substances should be stored inside zippered plastic bags to prevent them from contaminating the entire kit or from getting rusty or contaminated from something else.

Dental Floss - This is cheap and simple to store. It also can have uses beyond removing food from between teeth.

Deodorant - Store what people use. In fact, if you are likely to be without showers for a while, store extra Deodorant.

Fingernail File & Clipper - These include emery boards and clippers for fingernails and toenails. Don't forget clippers for babies.

Hair Brush - Be sure to consider brushes for both long and short hair. Don't forget brushes for babies.

Hair Comb - Be sure to consider combs for both long and short hair. Don't forget combs for babies.

Hair Conditioner - Store the desired kinds in secure, unbreakable containers.

Makeup - Each person is on their own on this one.

Razor & Blades - Store these in safe containers so nobody gets cut reaching into the kit.

Sanitary Napkins - Store the kinds that the ladies in your family use.

Soap - This includes hand soap, face soap, antibacterial soap, bath soap, dish soap as well as degreasing soap.

Shampoo - Store the desired kinds in secure, unbreakable containers.

Shower - There are portable showers that can actually heat water by using the sun. You can use a tarp to build a privacy wall around it.

To see some Shower Solutions, click these links:



Styptic Pencil - This is priceless in stopping razor cuts.

To see a Styptic Pencil, click on this link:

Clubman Styptic Pencil

Tissue - Store small packs of tissues.

To see some Tissues, try this link:

Kleenex White Pocket Tissue, 8 Pack

Toilet Paper - Store whatever amount you can. It stores easier if you remove the cardboard tube.

Toothbrush - Store brand new, unopened ones for each member of the family.

Toothpaste - Be careful to not get the flip top container because it just might flip open and spill toothpaste all over your kit.

Toothpicks - These can be used for more than just cleaning your teeth and they are easy to store. 

Towelettes - These store nicely and can be used to wash up with.

Towels - Store a few cloth towels. You also may want to store paper towels.

Wash Cloths - Besides for bathing, these can come in handy cleaning up anything.


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