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Health and Safety - Equipment

There are a lot of forms of equipment that can aid in promoting safety.

Fire Escape Ladder - If you live in a building where there is more than one story, you might consider getting a portable Fire Escape Ladder. This could be stored away until needed. Then it could be attached to an open window and rolled down providing a way to safely exit the upper floors. Practice this with your family and hope that you never need it. But, if you do need it someday, be glad you had it.

To see some Fire Escape Ladders, click these links:


Life-jacket - If you live in an area that is subject to flooding you might consider storing life-jackets for each family member. Most people who are into water sports are likely to have some life-jackets. However, they may not have enough for all family members. In addition, those who are not involved in water sports might also consider storing life-jackets.

To see some life-jackets, try these links:


Ring Buoy - This is a watere safety flotation device that has a rope attached. It can be thrown to a victim in the water and once they grab it, they can be pulled in. It can also be used by someone to help them safely swim out to make a rescue.

If you live near any body of water, you might consider having one of these on hand.

To see some Ring Buoys, click these links:


Safety Vest - A Safety Vest can help the person wearing it be spotted by drivers or searchers. There are many times when they may be needed such as:

  • To help you remain safe as you conduct highway traffic after a breakdown or an accident
  • To help you get spotted so you can be rescued
  • To help keep track of family members as you escape a smoke filled environment on foot

To see some Safety Vests, click on these links:


Sandbag - If you live where a flood could threaten your home, you have two choices if a flood is coming. First of all, you could do nothing now and hope that your local government will supply enough sandbags to protect your property, and in a timely manner. The second choice is to be your own boss and Prepare For Later by storing your own sandbags and sand. Many homes have sand boxes or otherwise have access to sand or dirt that could be used to fill a sandbag. The sandbag itself is the key item.

To see some Sandbag Solutions, click on these links:



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