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This will become very important because you may need to walk, hike or run somewhere during your emergency. Make sure you either store or have quick access to any type of Footwear shown below that may apply to you:

  • Cowboy Boots - These are usually not that great for hiking. However, they are outstanding for riding horses and working outside.
  • Creek Shoes - These are usually just an old pair of tennis shoes that can now be used to walk in the creek (or any other water).
  • Crocs  - These are a brand name of unique rubber shoe that is quite versatile. They come in all sizes and colors and can be worn in water, dirt, sand, grass or whereever and then they can be rinsed off to look as good as new.
  • Dress Shoes - For most emergencies, you will not really need to worry about these shoes.
  • Flip-flops  - These are very valuable if you ever need to shower in a public shower facility.
  • Hiking Boots - These are nice and rugged, tough, warm and can be quite weatherproof. They would be the Footwear of choice if you needed to hike somewhere to escape your emergency.
  • Jogging Shoes - Many people have these in their closets and they are made to be light. Keep your old ones in your 72 Hour Kit.
  • Tennis Shoes - These are an ancestor of the Jogging Shoe, see above.
  • Irrigation Boots - These are made to allow you to walk in ankle-deep water. They are made of rubber and not insulated, but just keeping your feet dry is half the battle in keeping warm. This is one of the kinds of boots that firefighters wear.
  • Sandals  - If you need to hike through a sandy terrain, these live up to their name and allow the sand to be removed as you walk.
  • Slippers  - These can be handy if you need to shelter in a public area in cold, drafty weather where flip-flops won't keep you warm.
  • Snow Boots - These earn their keep when you must walk in the cold or snowy weather.
  • Snowshoes  - These are made to allow you to walk on top of snow. They can be very valuable if you ever need to travel on foot through those conditions.
  • Waders  - People who participate in stream fishing may likely have a pair of these. They come in waist deep or chest deep varieties and they allow you to walk in deep water without getting wet.
  • Water Socks - These are made to wear while walking in water. They are very useful at the beach or in a stream or river.



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