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Food is a favorite subject as well as a necessity of life. Knowing how to safely prepare food is of utmost importance and it is second only to having food on hand when you need it.

In the Food Section, we teach you how to plan meals and how to properly store, prepare and cleanup all that you need for those meals.

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You probably get most of your food from some form of grocery store. This works fine as long as the grocery store has food and as long as you can pay for it. Under emergency conditions, the grocery stores can run out of food right away, leaving those unprepared wondering where their next meal will come from.

The idea is to stock up on food supplies while they are available and when the prices are the most favorable. Grocery stores often have specials and coupons to attract customers. These can be worth investigating, especially if you are building up a supply of food. Some people learn to work coupons so well, they rarely pay full price for grocery items, including meat. When they do find a good deal, they stock up on things that they use. The use of coupons can be very valuable in building a good supply of food items.

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