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Food Storage

For the purposes of our discussions, we will consider Food Storage to cover the storing of food, water, food supplies, food equipment and anything that would be needed to feed people and clean up after themselves.

Consider the following concerning Food Storage:

  • Who should store food? - Anyone with very little effort or equipment can have a Food Storage. To see if you should store food, click here.
  • Why? - To learn Why you should store food, click here.
  • What? - To learn What food you can store, click here
  • Storage Methods - To learn How to store food, click here.
  • Resources - Storing Food can be profitable, but it does take an investment of time and money. The beauty of it is that you get to decide how much time and money you want to spend preparing your Food Supply.

If finances are a concern, plan a budget that would allow a small amount of money to be set aside for Food Storage. If you follow the good ideas presented in this web site and find items for your supply on sale, you can slowly build up to a full Food Storage.

If you just do not have any resources for Food Storage, then at least make Plans for things you want to get when resources are available.

Checkmark for Advanced MaterialFood Storage is not the same thing as the Canning and Preserving of Food. To properly Can and Preserve Food takes certain skills, equipment, knowledge, desire and even some investment of money. It is not for everyone.

Checkmark for Advanced Material Click here for more on Canning and Preserving Food.

    The storage of feed for pets and livestock is covered under the Pets and Livestock link near the lower left of any page.


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