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Food Storage Methods

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Food Stored in Plastic TubFood Stored in Storage CanFood Stored in Small PacketsFruit Stored in Sealed Plastic Cups

There are many kinds of Food Storage Methods. Each has its own unique use. Here are some ways in which food can be safely stored:

  • Checkmark for Advanced MaterialCanning - This uses jars, lids, rings to store food that will last a long time. To learn more about Canning, click here.
  • Checkmark for Advanced Material Carpet Tube Can Stacker - There is a simple device that allows you to store cases of canned goods in your home using heretofore wasted space and materials.


    Click Here to learn to Make a Carpet Tube Can Stacker

  • Cans - When you purchase food in cans from the store, they will likely have an expiration date.
  • Checkmark for Advanced MaterialDehydration - This can be done using the sun or a dehydrator. It can be used to prepare fruits and meats for storage and they will not need any special cooling to remain good.
  • Checkmark for Advanced MaterialFood grade sealed plastic buckets - These can be any size. The common sizes are 1 or 5 or 6 Gallon sizes. They have special lids that snap on to seal the food from outside air or other containments. To learn more about storing food in sealed plastic buckets, click here.
  • Freezing - This requires the temperature to be cold all the time. The loss of energy to keep it cold enough (frozen) can result in loss of food. To learn more about storing frozen food, click here.
  • Checkmark for Advanced MaterialMylar bags - These are sturdy bags that can be sealed shut after food is inserted. To learn more about storing food in Mylar bags, click here.
  • Plastic Bags - This is not a standalone method because food stored in Plastic Bags will still need to be stored in something else so critters will not bother it. For example, you can store raisins in Plastic Bags, but if you set those on the storage shelf, critters could eat through the Plastic Bag. After being stored in Plastic Bags, the bags should then be placed in storage cans, storage tubs or in the freezer.
  • Checkmark for Advanced MaterialSealed in Plastic ContainersTo learn more about Sealed Plastic Containers, click here
  • Checkmark for Advanced MaterialSealed in Tin Can - This takes special canning equipment that can seal the lid on a metal can after food has been inserted. To learn more about storing food in Sealed Tin Cans, click here
  • Small Food Packets - Check out this unique idea! Store your food in Small Food Packets so you will not need to refrigerate it later and to make it easier to distribute to your family members for storage in their 72 Hour Emergency Kits. Click here to see some unique ideas on Small Food Packets to store.
  • Storage Can - Don't laugh, but this is just a trash can. If you get a brand new 20 or 30 gallon trash can and put packaged food in it and then put the lid on, you can keep many kinds of critters from feasting on your Food Supply. This works well to store pasta, gelatin, chips, sugar, flour, crackers and more. One of these Storage Cans can get rather heavy. However, if you install three casters on the bottom of each can, they will be very portable. If you can find portable caster platforms with three casters on them, all you need to do is to place the Storage Can on the platform and roll it as desired. To learn more about storing food in Storage Cans, click here.
  • Storage Tub - This is a plastic tub that is not necessarily air tight. There is a lid that fastens and it should keep many kinds of critters out. It can be used to store food that is otherwise packaged, such as in plastic bags. Some storage tubs are thin enough to fit under your bed and some even have wheels to make access easier. To learn more about storing food in Storage Tubs, click here 


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