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Food - Equipment

There are many topics that discuss the proper equipment to be used when handling food. These include Canning and Preserving, Storage, Preparation, Cooking, Cooling and Cleanup. Below is a list of possible Food Equipment that you might consider storing for use during an emergency. You may need to use some of this equipment now, before the emergency, as you Prepare For Later.

Checkmark for Advanced MaterialApple Peeler - If you have a lot of apples to peel, you might consider investing in an apple peeler. It attaches to a tabletop and you insert the apple on a sharp blade. Then fold down the peeling blade and turn the crank. The apple gets peeled and cored at the same time. It makes preserving apples so much easier.

To see some Apple Peelers, click on these links:


Checkmark for Advanced MaterialApplesauce Maker - This is a handy device that lets you put whole apples in the top and turn the crank to produce applesauce.

To see Applesauce Makers, click these links:


Backpacking Stove - This is a small stove that uses a propane (butane) from a small tank that is light and fits safely and comfortably inside a backpack. There are also some types that use a fuel pellet instead of propane.

To see some Backpacking Stoves, click these links:


Barbecue Tools - During an emergency, you might be doing a lot of cooking outside over a Barbecue or an open fire. The safest way to do this is with a set of Barbecue Tools.

To see some Barbecue Tools, click on these links:


Bowls - There are many uses for various sizes of bowls. Besides for normal food preparation and consumption, bowls can be used to hold dishwater used to clean up after a meal. Consider storing large and small bowls. Because of breakage possibility, you may want to store plastic and metal bowls. Be sure to store some bowls that have lids that seal the bowl shut.

Bucket - The best buckets to use for your food supply are those that are rated as food grade. They should never have had anything other than food in them. That rules out paint buckets no matter how hard you try to clean them, don't use them. Useful buckets would be 1 gallon or 5 gallon sizes.

There are two kinds of lids. One kind has a rubber seal that fits on the rim of the bucket and then the edges of the lid clamp down over the top of the wall of the bucket. Buckets sealed in this manner will need a special bucket opener in order to get the lid off.

The other kind of lid is called a gamma lid. It is similar to the one mentioned above except that this lid has a second lid built-in to it that screws in. This makes it much easier to get into the bucket and close it back up. However, these gamma lids usually cost more than the bucket and its lid. For some uses, it may be worth it. For example, if you have a 5 gallon bucket with sugar in it that you access several times per week, then a gamma lid could be useful.

Checkmark for Advanced MaterialBucket Opener - Chances are that if you store much food, you will have buckets full of food with lids that are sealed shut. It is possible to use a knife to open the lids, but there is danger of cutting yourself. The solution is to get a Bucket Opener.

To see a Bucket Opener, click this link:

Checkmark for Advanced MaterialBuddy Burner - This is a homemade burner that can be used to keep someone warm or to cook with. Click here to learn more about Buddy Burners.

Checkmark for Advanced MaterialCanner - This can help you seal several quart jars of food at one time. It can also be used to seal 2-quart jars.

To see some Canners, click on these links:


Checkmark for Advanced MaterialCanning Funnel - This is a funnel that has a wide opening at the bottom so it can fit inside wide mouth jars and direct food into the jar with minimal spilling.

To see Canning Funnels, click these links:


Charcoal Barbecue Grill - If you plan to use this, you will need to store charcoal. It does absorb humidity over time, so try to store charcoal in tightly closed plastic bags to keep moisture out. This can be used year round. However, consider that in cold weather it may need a lot of fuel to keep it warm enough to cook with.

Do NOT use charcoal in any enclosed area (building, tent, ...) as it produces deadly gases!

Cooler - There are many sizes of Coolers that may be of interest to you. If you really had to live by using some coolers, you might have one designated as a freezer and another as the fridge and both of these would likely be as large as you can get. Then, a smaller cooler may be useful for smaller quantities of food that you access more frequently.

Many coolers have removable internal compartments that can keep the foods separated from each other. They can keep breakable food such as eggs separated from non-breakable food like cans of pop.

To chill a cooler, it is best to put a couple of inches of water in the bottom of it and then set the ice block or an ice jug directly in the water. By so doing, the heat from the food will transfer to the ice faster through water than it will through air, thus cooling your food faster and longer.

Using a jug with ice will help prevent the ice from contaminating the food in the cooler. Plus, once it melts, it can be refrozen and used again. Making ice jugs is one good use for an old milk jug or juice jug. If the lid is available, use it.

Another idea is to use a Cooler for dry foods, like bread and chips. This one would not be chilled, but it works better than a box. Perhaps when one of your chilling coolers gets too old to work for that purpose, it could be retired to become a dry food Cooler.

Some Coolers are rated to keep food cold or frozen longer than others. Check this out when purchasing them to make sure the one you get will meet your expected needs.

Regardless of the type of Cooler that you have, make sure that you have as little air as possible in it. Keeping it packed tightly will mean less air and this will help it remain chilled longer. If you must remove something to use it, if possible, replace it with something cold.

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