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There are several kinds of flashlights that could be handy to have in your supply. Be sure to have spare bulbs, batteries and, where possible, the means to recharge batteries.

Battery Powered - These come in many sizes and each size produces a different amount of light. There are small, pocket sized flashlights that need only one single AAA battery. There are traditional size flashlights that require 2 or 3 "C" or "D" batteries. Then there are the extra long ones that require up to 6 "D" batteries.

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Cell Phone - Your Cell Phone can act as a temporary flashlight. Some have an actual flashlight feature built in, while with others you can use the light from the screen to find your way. However, if you are in a real emergency, this use of Cell Phone battery power may not be as important as using it to call for help. Prioritize your resources.

Dynamic Generation - There are flashlights that can be charged by turning a crank for a few minutes. A couple of minutes of cranking can provide 15 minutes of light. Another form of Dynamic Generation is a flashlight that does not have any batteries, but instead it contains some chemicals and all you do is shake it to activate the energy to light the light. One minute of shaking can provide up to 100 minutes of operation. 

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Headlamp - This is a flashlight that comes on a headband to allow you to have a hands-free light source.

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Spotlight - There are very bright spotlights that are made to plug into a vehicle or boat cigarette lighter socket. Some of these are waterproof and some even float. These hand-held spotlights usually come with a candle power (CP) rating of from one million to 15 million CP. That is a very bright light. Many models can be recharged by either your house current, your car battery or both. These are very versatile and you should have one in every car and at least one in your 72 Hour Kit.

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SolarA Solar Flashlight is one that has some kind of battery and a small solar cell that will recharge that battery. The amount of usage out of a charge will vary among all of the different kinds of Solar Flashlights so experiment with yours to see how well it keeps a charge. The nice thing is that it will recharge on its own as long as it has sunlight. There are some Solar Flashlights that will recharge inside the house with just the ambient light available in a room, although, this charge does not seem to be as strong as a charge obtained by exposing the solar cell to direct sunlight.

There are many kinds of Solar Flashlights on the market today. They can be placed in the sun for a few hours and store enough energy that will allow them to produce valuable light, later when there is no sun. Do not overcharge your solar devices. Follow the instructions that come with yours.

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