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First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

There are several kinds of First Aid Kits. However, except for size and quantity, they should contain about the same items. Of course if you are building a First Aid Kit for your backpack, it will not contain nearly as many items as one for your home would.

There are several types of First Aid Kits as follows:

  • Auto
  • Backpack
  • Home
  • Industrial
  • Micro-sized
  • Tackle Box

Regardless of which kind of First Aid Kit you are building, there are some common things that can help you build a great kit. Below is a detailed list of suggested items for your First Aid Kit. Pick and choose as desired to customize your kit to your needs and budget.

Sometimes the best deals on supplies for your First Aid Kit come only with the purchase of a large quantity. Consider keeping your costs down by combining your supply orders with friends and family members and then you can purchase the larger quantities and enjoy a reduced cost per item.

Adhesive Pad - These usually consist of a square, sterile gauze pad covered by a vinyl sticky surface, just like a band-aid. They are handy for injuries that are bigger than a regular band-aid.

To see some Adhesive Pads, try these links:

Band-Aid Adhesive Pads Comfort Flex Large

Band-Aid Adhesive Pads Comfort Flex Medium

Alcohol (Rubbing) - This can be used to clean equipment or unbroken skin but Alcohol should not be used to clean a wound because it can kill cells necessary in the healing process. It is also known as Isopropyl Alcohol. It comes in various percentages of alcohol ranging from 70% to 99%. Note: this is not Denatured Alcohol which can be used in camp stoves.

To see some Rubbing Alcohol, try this link:

Rite Aid Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70%

Alcohol Swabs - These are pads with alcohol on them and they come individually wrapped in an airtight packet. They can be used to clean equipment or unbroken skin but they should not be used to clean a wound because they can kill cells necessary in the healing process. Occasionally check on these to make sure they have not dried out while being store in your First Aid Kit.

To see some Alcohol Swabs, try this link:

Rite Aid Alcohol Swabs, Individually Wrapped Pads

Aloe Vera Gel - This is a valuable topical gel that can relieve the pains of sunburned skin.

To see some Aloe Vera Gel, try this link:

Banana Boat Soothing After Sun Gel with Pure Aloe Vera

Ammonia Inhaler - This comes in a small breakable vial that, once broken, will emit an odor that helps unconscious people regain consciousness. Store them carefully so they will not get broken before you are ready to use them.

To see some Ammonia Inhalers, try this link:

Antacid Tablets - These are valuable to reduce heartburn. Many expectant mothers know all about this. Read the label, especially if you are on other medications.

To see some Antacid Tablets, try these links:

Pepcid AC Maximum Strength Acid Reducer, EZ Chews Cooling Mint

Tums Ultra 1000, Maximum Strength, Assorted Berries

Rolaids Antacid Tablets, Cherry

Antibiotic Ointment - This is applied topically to reduce the chance of infection.

To see some Antibiotic Ointment, try these links:

Neosporin Neo To Go Antibiotic Ointment, Pocket Sized Packets

On The Go Neosporin, First Aid Antibiotic Ointment

Anti-Diarrheal - This controls the symptoms of diarrhea. This is priceless, if it is needed.

To see some Anti-Diarrheal Solutions, try these links:

Imodium A-D Anti-Diarrheal Caplets

Rite Aid Anti-Diarrheal Liquid Softgels

Kaopectate Advanced Formula Concentrated Anti-Diarrheal, Peppermint

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