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A backyard Fire Pit is nice to have in case of an emergency. To build a Fire Pit consider the following:

  • It can be partially sunken or completely above ground.
  • It needs to contain a fire. Use rocks, bricks, gravel, sand, concrete or other non-flammable objects to keep the fire contained.
  • It needs to have a hose and source of water nearby.
  • It should not be located too close to structures such as buildings and fences.
  • It needs to meet all local codes (even your Home Owners' Association may have a say).
  • Consider the prevailing winds in your yard for clearance.

Firepit With Grill

One simple Fire Pit can be made from a used stone-crushing cone. These cost $3000 or more brand new. They are made of cast steel and usually weigh about 900 pounds. They are used in the process that crushes stones into sand nd gravel. However, once they become damaged, they are given away or sold to scrap dealers. We know that they can be bought for $50 and it is well worth it.

They are shaped like an ice cream cone with the bottom chopped off. They are typically 3 feet tall and at the top they have a diameter of 4 feet. They are open on the top and the bottom. These are sometime donated to scout camps or National Parks campgrounds and they work well for a lifetime or longer.

Once in place, you can create a base that is made of steel or bricks or rocks. Make sure this base fits within a foot of the top of the Fire Pit. It can be used to hold charcoal. Then put a wire grill over the base so that it rests about 8" above the charcoal.

If you plan to build a bonfire, remove the grill and the base and use the full depth of the cone to hold your firewood.

Never use gasoline to start a fire!


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