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Fans come in many sizes and shapes. With proper application, even a paper plate can be used as a fan. There are even battery powered fans that have great value during an emergency.

A fan that moves air has some meaningful uses as shown below.

Calming Effect - A fan can be a great sleep aide by being a companion as it drowns out undesired noises.

Cooling - When air is moved, it can have a cooling effect on people. The cooling effect can be enhanced if the air is blown through a wet cloth such as a towel.

Critter Control - Many flying insects will not bother you if a fan is blowing air on you.

Fire Starting - A fan can be used to "fan the flames" of a campfire or to help start charcoal briquettes. For example, if you are using charcoal lighter to start some charcoal, try using less of it and then let a battery operated fan help light the coals.

Removing Odors - A fan can be used in a kitchen or bathroom to remove undesirable humidity and odors from the room.

Warming - A fan can be blown across something warm to produce warm air.

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