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Emergency Broadcast Radio

In the event of an emergency, there will be attempts by government agencies to broadcast valuable information to the public. There may also be regular radio programming that may still be in effect that can assist you, even if there is not a major emergency. However, to receive this info, you will need a radio that can receive broadcasts.

Radios do not have to cost a lot of money for them to work well. They require only minimal power and can be quite portable. There are some radios that run on either the 120 V electricity or batteries. Since your emergency may happen to leave you in a situation in which the power to your home is not lost, you might want to have this kind of radio.

Other radios use only batteries. Some have a solar charging capability. Others can be run for a limited time off the energy produced by a hand crank.

Don't forget that the radio in your car, boat or RV would work if it is available.

Be sure to minimize the use of your radio to conserve its energy.

To see some Emergency Broadcast Radios, click these links:



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