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Do It Yourself Make a Solar Still

The following description of a solar still can be used for a grade school science project that will fascinate kids as well as educate them on a significant part of being prepared.

A solar still can be made out of a steel 5 gallon bucket, a jar, a rock, some clear plastic and some string. Place the jar in the bottom of the bucket and put "dirty" water in the bucket. Be careful to not get any soiled water in the jar and brace the jar so it will not tip over. Then place a sheet of clear plastic on top of the bucket and secure with string or tape. Then place a rock on top of the plastic so it is centered over the jar. Carefully place the entire rig in the sun for a few hours. Later, you should have some water in the jar that is completely safe to drink.

If you don't have a bucket, you can make a solar still by digging a hole. If you do not have any "dirty" water, you can place green vegetation in the bucket or hole and let the sun dry it out until it produces water vapor. Once the water vapor has been collected, it can be used.

Since this process uses only the sun as a fuel source, you might consider storing enough supplies to make several solar stills. That would be a wise way to Prepare For Later.


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