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Do It Yourself Make a Carpet Tube Can Stacker

This is a clever storage device that uses cardboard tubes that carpet comes on to be placed in the corners of your closets to store canned goods. These tubes are usually free from your local carpet store and all you need is some minor tools and minimum labor.

Follow these steps:

  • Obtain one or more carpet tubes from your local carpet store. Hopefully these are free. Don't forget to check at the big lumber stores as well. Take a sample can with you to make sure it will fit in the tube and slide smoothly without getting stuck. If you have different size cans, take them all. It is very important to get the correct size tube.
  • Using a saw, cut the tube to be 10" shorter than the height of your closet. These will be stored in the back of the closet so make sure you have clearance of 10" below the closet shelf (or ceiling, if there is no shelf). Make sure both ends are cut squarely. Remove any burrs.
  • On one end of the tube, measure the circumference (distance around) of the tube.

 Measuring Circumference

  • Divide the circumference by three. This will be the part of the circumference that will remain. The other two thirds of the tube will be cut off.
  • Put marks where you want to cut and extend them up the tube for the height of a can of food, plus 1/2" for clearance.
  • Cut the two thirds of the tube that you have marked and discard.

Cutting Off Base of Tube

Base after being cut out

  • You may want to drill a hole every 12" up the tube so you can tell how many cans are stored in the tube. When you mark for these holes, be sure to mark them on the side of the tube that will be the front once it is installed. This means to lay it down with the non-cutout base part on the table.
  • Clean the inside of the tube so no burrs remain.

Drilling Holes

Showing Drilled Holes

  • Stand the tube in the back of the closet and stock cans from the top. They should all fall into a nice stack that will provide the oldest cans at the bottom and the newest ones at the top. Be sure to secure it to the wall with something like a bungee cord. This tube will be heavy once it is filled with cans and you don't want it to fall on anyone.

Final Product 6

  • You can put one tube in each corner and they should not ever be in the way of your clothes hanging in the closet. If you think that you have room, you can put them all across the back of the closet right next to each other.
  • Remove a can from the bottom by pulling it out, allowing the next can to fall to replace it as the bottom can.

Removing Can - 2

  • If you want to know what is in each tube, you can write right on the tube or put a label on the tube.
  • If you are concerned that the color of the cardboard does not match the decor of the back of your closet, you can always paint, tile or wallpaper the tube.
  • These make wonderful gifts for those who have limited space in which to store canned goods and you can't beat the cost. 




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