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Digital Photography:

Click, Then What?


The book, “Digital Photography: Click, Then What?” will not only teach you what you can do after you obtain your digital photos, it will also teach you how to do it using simple step by step instructions. It was written for the beginner, intermediate and advanced user of Digital Photography. Even if you do not yet own a digital camera, this book can help you understand why you should.


Whether you have obtained your digital photos by the click of a digital camera, the click of a scanner button or by the click of a mouse button as you get them in emails or from the Internet, you can use this book to organize, modify, print, share, use and preserve your digital photos at your own level of proficiency. Up until the “Click”, it has been a “photography” issue. But after the “Click”, it becomes a “computer software” issue. Common sense dictates that you would want to learn what to do next from a Software expert. This is not another complicated computer book full of unknown words and useless diagrams. Instead, it consists of step by step instructions in a simple format that lead you through the various options available to you so you can fully enjoy your digital photos.


If you have a PC with at least Windows XP and Microsoft Word, you can use “Digital Photography: Click, Then What?” to its fullest without having to purchase any other software.


Who needs to read this book? 


You do if: You have old film photos, slides or negatives sitting around the house in photo albums, boxes, cupboards, drawers, attics, basements & garages. This book can help you get them scanned in and then not only will they be properly preserved, they can take advantage of all of the benefits of being digital photos. 

You do if: You want some help in organizing all of your digital photos on your PC so you can easily find them any time in the future. You will be taught why correctly naming files that contain your photos is important and how to name them. 

You do if: You want to share your photos with people all over the world, instantly and at no cost. This book will help you send photos in emails (the correct way), share them on the Internet or perhaps you just want to create a screensaver slideshow for your own PC so you can see your digital photos, night or day. 

You do if: You want to learn how you can use your digital photos using Windows XP and Microsoft Word without purchasing & learning any other software. This book teaches by using simple steps that, if followed, can accomplish some amazing things with digital photos. You will learn how to make your own digital photo calendar, a photo journal, photo stickers or photo return address labels. 

You do if: You are a scrapbooker and already know the value of photos and love to be creative in using them. This book can be of great benefit in helping you to understand the benefits of digital photography as it lays a foundation for the future of scrapbooking. 

You do if: You have a loved one who lives in assisted housing, or lives alone and would surely appreciate being cheered up by watching photos of your family and others frequently as provided by a digital photo slideshow. It may be better than any medicine or therapy that they can have. This book provides step by step instructions on how to create a CD that can be played in a DVD player in the form of a slideshow that effortlessly displays all of your digital photos on a regular TV set. 

You do if: You want to create a wedding slideshow or a digital photo life sketch. 

You do if:  You need to know about digital cameras and their memory cards, how to download photos from them and the safe keeping and preservation of them. 

You do if: You want to know how to save a photo that you receive within the body of an email or as an attachment to an email. This book provides the simple steps needed to convert a BMP photo file to a JPG photo file. 

You do if: You want to learn about printing great quality prints from digital photos. 

You do if: You want to learn some great ideas on giving digital photo gift products to friends and loved ones. 

You do if: You want to follow some simple steps to set up a digital photo as the background on your PC’s desktop. 

You do if: You are a Family History buff or anyone who can appreciate the automatic recording of dates that comes in using digital photos. 

You do if: You are planning a wedding and want to know whether or not to have film or digital photos taken of the wedding.


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