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Checkmark for Advanced MaterialCanning and Preserving Food

For the purposes of our discussions, the Canning and Preserving of Food is not the same thing as Food Storage. To properly Can and Preserve Food takes certain skills, equipment, knowledge, desire and even some investment of money. It is not for everyone.

On the  other hand, anyone with very little effort or equipment can have a Food Storage. Click here for more on Food Storage.

However, Canning and Preserving Food can be very rewarding with big returns for those who endure a little work and make it happen. Below are some descriptions of the various ways in which you can prepare food by Canning and Preserving.

Canning - This process involves preparing the food and then storing it in sealed bottles. Checkmark for Advanced Material Click here to learn more about Canning Food.

Dehydration - This can be done using the sun or a dehydrator to remove the moisture from food. It can be used to prepare fruits and meats for storage and they will remain good at room temperature. Checkmark for Advanced Material Click here to learn more about Dehydrating Food.

Freezing - This process uses the convenience of a freezer in lowering the temperature of the food to below freezing to preserve it. However, a drawback is that the food is only preserved as long the temperature remains below freezing. Click here to learn more about Freezing Food.

Juicing - This is done by extracting the juices from fruit and they can be preserved by freezing or bottling. Checkmark for Advanced Material Click here to learn more about Juicing Food.

Sealing Food in Tin Cans - Checkmark for Advanced MaterialThis takes special canning equipment that can seal the lid on a metal can after food has been inserted. If you have access to this equipment, you can put food in tin cans and then seal the lids shut. You will need a can opener to open the can, just like the canned goods you purchase at the store.


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