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The term, Canning has at least three meanings in the jargon of Canning and Preserving Food. Many people use the Term Canning to refer to the process of putting food in jars and sealing them shut to be stored for future use. To avoid confusion, we will also use that terminology. After all, the equipment used to accomplish this is called a Canner.

Another use of the term Canning refers to the general process of preserving food, no matter what means were used to preserve it. We will use the term Canning and Preserving Food to refer to that meaning. Checkmark for Advanced MaterialClick here for more information on Canning and Preserving Food.

The third use of the term Canning refers to the storing of food in metal cans that have their metal lids sealed on by a special machine. This machine and the process to preserve food in this manner are quite unique and most people will never have the means to do so. For our purposes, we will refer to that process as Sealing Food in Tin Cans.

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